Friday, April 3, 2009

Off to Canada!

Johnny is off to Canada! Not for surrogacy but to enjoy one of the perks of working in the travel industry. I'm going on a week long famil or educational with APT to Canada. A place I have yet to visit so I'm chuffed!

Vancouver, Whistler and Vancouver Island will be places visited for my week long sojourn. The only down side to these trips is that I can't take Darren. I've been lucky in my recent job to be on many trips to great places, much more in the three years here at Jetset than I ever had with eight years at American Express. I am so lucky to have such a great boss and work with an awesome group of girls.

I love the cold weather and my recent visits to online weather guides have the general temperature between -8 to 11 degrees celcius, depending on the location. YAY! I haven't been in such a cold, cold climate since I lived in Nagano in Japan more than ten years ago now.

The bonus with this particular trip is that I have loads of free time and I will have a chance to find a Christopher Radko Christmas ornament. We love these hand blown glass ornaments and every chance to visit North America means at least one of these beauties is purchased for our Christmas tree. I've attached a photo of our tree from a recent Christmas; I can't remember the year though.

Dazz and I are both Christmas mad and love everything about the holiday season. I was at home alone last night waiting for my love to come home from work and was dreaming about Christmas morning with our little 'Noddie' this has become the name for our unborn child and when ever we talk about our family, Noddie is now a part of our conversations.

I've booked & paid for our airfares to Mumbai with Qantas and managed to find a great deal that we’re happy with. I am going to book the Ramee Guestline Khar Hotel through a contact given to me by Dr S - his deals were even better than anything I could confirm as a travel agent and he was very professional and helpful.

I have an old friend from my days at Amex living in Mumbai with her husband and we're excited to be seeing her again - in fact she was born in Canada which fits in with this post perfectly. I’ve prepared my list of things to do and see while there and we're both counting down the days until 30 July. We're still waiting for Darren's leave to be approved from his head office but booked his ticket anyway, fingers crossed!

I am an adventurous traveller any day of the week but I don't think I'll be prepared for the sensory overload that is India. This will be Darren's first overseas trip to a non English speaking country. Of course we're looking forward to meeting Dr S and Yash.

The latest from SI and Dr S is that we should have our legal documentation and complete payment costing if not today in the next few days, the docs have been busy and I know what that's like! Our chosen ED is currently cycling for another IP and her EPU is in April, we have our fingers crossed that all goes well and she does not overstimulate. We should know soon enough.


  1. Yay for vacations! The Christmas tree threw me for a loop but once I got to reading it made sense.

    I'm sorry to hear Darren isn't going to be able to go with you to India but was glad to see that there will be a familiar face there to greet you.

    I hope everything works out with the ED and there won't be any complications to stop her from cycling for you guys.

  2. Johnny, have a great time in Canada. I remember Banff when we were there 10 years ago- so beautiful!!

  3. I would love to go to Banff .... please bring me home some pictures as that's as close as I'll get.