Wednesday, April 22, 2009

99 Days & Counting!

We are officially into double digits until we'll be in India for our IVF cycle.

We have received our draft legal contract last night and will complete this over the next couple of days and send this onto the doctors at SI. The coming weeks will be spent preparing for the week in Mumbai and everything that has to be done leading up to that point in our surrogacy journey.

There is loads and loads of paperwork, documents and tests that need to be done and we don't want to miss anything.

The past couple of days my excitement has been tinged with nervousness. What if something happens that stops us travelling in July, what if our SM doesn't like us and decides she doesn't want to proceed, what if our ED produces no viable eggs and what if the recent paper by the SCAG ends up stopping same sex couples from undertaking commercial surrogacy in India?

I have to not worry about all the possible what could be’s and focus on what I know will happen, what I can control and all that is positive. It is the only thing sure to keep both Darren and I sane over months ahead.


  1. I can completely understand what you guys are going through. So much of this is a leap of faith and its really hard to know when to accept things and when to speak up and ask questions. One thing I would bet on though is that your ED will produce lots of good eggs for you. The odds are in your favor. :) Brian and I are here in India until April 28th so if there is anything we can do for you while we are here, just let us know...

  2. You'll be fine!

    Don't give up!


  3. Thanks for your support guys. Amber & Brian how exciting for you to be in India going through the process at the moment.

    Indeed we all have to hang in there and not give up!

  4. So if it's 99 days until you leave, that means it's also 99 days until Nik leaves (I was really trying not to do that calculation!!) so hopefully one of us is in the country when our twins are born. You guys are going to have to catch up for a coffee in Changi Airport as I reckon you'll be on the same flight from Singapore to Mumbai.

    And there's no way your SM is going to change her mind when meeting you. It's an honour for them to be chosen to do this, let alone the difference the compensation will make to their lives.

  5. Hello John and Darren-We, Steve and Steve in NY, are just starting the process. Glad to see you so far along! And very happy for you. Could you tell me the name of the clinic you're using? I tried to find it using SI but nothing comes up. We're talking to another, but I'd love to know of yours as well.
    Thanks and good luck with everything!

  6. Hi Steve & Steve,

    Darren and I are using Surrogacy India. You can contact them via email at or their website

    Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.

  7. I remember myself going through something similar. At first huge excitement but then also some worries over our surrogacy trip. And to some extent I think it is natural. Guys, just do not worry too much. You will be absolutely fine and everything will go smoothly for you.

    I will be following your journey keeping all my fingers crossed for a success for you.Good luck!