Sunday, May 2, 2010


As Dorothy famously said; "There's no place like home". And, as we all know too well she was right. It is great to be back. It has taken our body clocks a while to re-adjust to having Noah in our lives. In Mumbai, the responsibilities of daily life are but a distant memory. Housework? Cooking? Cleaning? Simply pick up the phone and dial room service. Hop in an auto rickshaw and in five minutes a plethora of dining options are at your disposal. Leave a small card on the bed, return a short while later to fresh linen and one's room cleaned, fresh water supplied for the next 24 hours. Being home deals the new parent a different hand of cards. One has to shuffle these cards and manage daily chores with the demands of your new born plus the added bonus hand; sleep deprivation! But, we are not complaining after all, this is what we have all been waiting for. Prior to us leaving India on Sunday, we said goodbye to Greg, Rob and their beautiful baby girl Addison who is simply divine. We had such a great time with them all and are glad they too are now home safe and sound. Both the guys were right, we did end up having more bags for the return trip then when we first arrived into Mumbai! Our flight from Mumbai to Singapore was in the morning this time round, departing at 10am. We used the fantastic Vikas to take us from our hotel to the airport and anybody travelling to Mumbai should avail themselves of his services. He and Ajit are both great guys and will make sure you are taken care of and arrive at your destination in air conditioned comfort. THANK YOU VIKAS!!! Our Qantas flight into Singapore arrived on time and we were met by ground staff to assist with our mountain of bags and the transit to our next flight. Thankfully we had the wonderful Baby Valco carrier which was a God send. Thank you to the Tigerlilycats for their insight in recommending this to us & the bottle drainer which arrived the day of our departure from Sydney! Noah used the carrier the entire time we were in Mumbai and it meant we did not have to disturb him when travelling from the hotel to where ever we wanted to be. He even slept in it while we took an auto here, there and everywhere. Our flight from Singapore to Sydney was with British Airways and thankfully there was no delay due to a certain Volcano eruption the week prior. This was our only concern as we arrived at Changi International Airport. The cabin crew on both flights were amazing and everyone wanted to meet little Noah who, was an absolute dream on both legs of the journey home. Not a peep. He slept, ate and pooped just as he had on the ground in India. You would not have known there was a newborn in the cabin with you unless you snuck a peek at his cherub like face. We were lucky enough to be upgraded to BA's World Traveller Plus cabin or premium economy cabin which was just perfect and the best way to end our flight home. The cabin is a dedicated 32 seat cabin in front of economy and just behind business and it was not full. We had the centre row of four seats to ourselves and the extra space and seat recline was appreciated! Our thanks also have to go out to the BEST travel agency in NSW, Jetset Blue Mountains and their never ending help whilst we were in India. Nothing was ever too much trouble and we thank the entire team there, especially agency manager Lisa.

From 33 degree Mumbai heat to a crisp 13 degree Sydney morning, the temperature difference was very noticeable when we landed in Sydney at 5.15am Monday morning. This, combined with sandals and light shirts we were very eager to breeze through customs and immigration to our heated car for the drive home. Speaking of which, customs too was easy. Simple and straight forward without issue in Mumbai, Singapore or Sydney. Sure we had the obligatory where is the mother question when we left Mumbai but other than that nothing! Having an infant with you is akin to Moses parting the seas. Queues become non existent and one simply glides through formality with the simplest of ease; which we are completely fine with thank you very much! We arrived home to welcome signs, balloons, flowers and kindness from friends and family. Darren's mother & Johnny's parents had organised a wonderful morning tea with some friends, family & neighbours and everyone went to so much effort for the three of us. Thank you to our parents, Tracie & Patrick, Scott & Julie, Tans, Michael and everyone who made us feel so welcome on our return home. We are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends surrounding us and our son. Now that we are home, what's next? This week has seen us having to get used to a new routine with Noah the centre of our day. Our little boy is doing so well and it is hard to believe that in four days time he is going to be one month old! He is sleeping very well and daddy and papa are trying to stick to our chosen routine which he seems to like and appreciate! He is currently feeding from 100ml + each feed every three to four hours and longer after his midnight feed. Last night for instance he fed at midnight and then again at 5am which is great news for us. We have had a couple of outing since being home but have preferred staying in as it is truly amazing how even the simplest of tasks can become a mammoth effort in organisational skills. We are expecting a visit from the community nurse this week to check on Noah's progress and general health yet, other than that and maybe a coffee date here and there our week is our own. We are indeed glad to be home and are enjoying just that. Being home and being parents. We are both so thankful that our son has been born and is in excellent health, this is what we have been waiting for and, what some people are still waiting for. After two, three, four or sometimes more attempts still waiting. We know we have been blessed to have been successful on our first attempt and we never take this for granted. The wonderful support and friendship of Dr Sudhir and Dr Yash that has been forged over the past year and a half will be life long. We are very strong advocates of Surrogacy India and their services, Why wouldn't we be? Look at the result for us. We know yes, our surrogate did not agree to carry a child to term for purely altruistic reasons but still, we admire her wonderful generosity and are thankful that we had the opportunity to meet her, her family and convey in person how we feel about the amazing gift she has given us. We would not change this for the world. There seems to be so many IPs pregnant at the moment & equally as many still trying. It's easy once you reach the other side to speak words of wisdom but we truly believe that one should never give up. To everyone who has been with us every step of the way and to those we have only just met, thank you. Support is the one thing you can never have too much of and for that, thank you.