Monday, January 3, 2011


I have been trying in vain to add a video to our blog for a while now, so I have decided that 2011 will be the year to persevere and become more tech savvy! Now, no laughing at Papa's silly audio.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Celebration & Eight Month Update

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Let your heart be light... Don't you just love that song, I do! Recently, whilst googling this particular Christmas song, I learnt that the original lyric was actually 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, it may be your last. Next year we all may be living in the past'. I recently watched Meet me in St Louis for the first time this year while visiting my grandparents, a movie I had wanted to see for years now. Judy Garland made this song famous in a Hollywood classic, however the original version was considered too morbid and was later changed to the now popular song we all know and love. Our first Christmas with our darling son was everything that we could have imagined it to be and more. This time last year we were praying that our dear surrogate Sarika would be safe, healthy and happy and were blessed with the knowledge that in only four short months, our baby would be born and we would at last be parents. The reality of this dream is somewhat overwhelming and yes, we are still amazed at the gift God has given us. We of course started the Christmas season with decorating the house and our Christmas trees as we do each and every year since we met fourteen years ago. We have yet to venture outdoors with the exception of a garland here and there and bows on the garden lamp posts. This is most likely a blessing as it already takes us long enough to decorate the inside of the house so I can't begin to imagine how much longer outside would take too. Usually we start on the first Sunday in November but this year we were a month behind. I know that many people think this is too early, but we both just love this time of year and I am not the only one in my family to have chronic Christmas-itis. We were both so excited to have Noah's first santa photo taken and we ventured into one of Sydney's major department stores, David Jones to have this done.
The window displays are beautiful and the store is decorated and early in the morning leading up to Christmas there are carolers too. Noah just adored Santa, let's see if we can have a repeat next year and years following this as he grows and becomes more aware of this strange man in a red suit. The above photo was the first one taken by the photographer and NoNo was so happy that he almost pulled Santa's beard off. Being one of Santa's helpers as we all know, his beard wasn't real of course. Only Santa himself has such a long beard and he needs this so he stays nice and warm in the North Pole. Ninna, Daddy and Pappa enjoyed Christmas carols in the Blue Mountains this year. We spent the early evening singing underneath the largest English oak tree in Eastern Australia. We also met with other same sex families in the Blue Mountains for a Christmas dinner and catch up at a restaurant close to home.
We are the only male parents in a large group of mainly lesbian parented families. The Blue Mountains Rainbow Family Group is a division of Rainbow Families Australia and it is great to catch up with other families living nearby. We were lucky enough to have another visit from one of Santa's helpers during dinner too, aren't we a lucky bunch! This year, Daddy and Papa wrote Noah's letter to Santa for him since he is still a small baby. We excitedly woke on Christmas morning and followed our normal routine of morning bottle and some cereal before Noah went back to bed for a morning sleep. Ninna's partner, Poppy Michael came for Christmas breakfast as he does every year although for the first time ever we were very much behind schedule; understandably so with our little one demanding our attention! Still, we enjoyed a champagne breakfast and opened some presents before Noah went back to bed for his lunch time nap. I think the day was somewhat overwhelming for Noah, he was so excited and just loved the gifts that Santa, Ninna, Daddy & Papa gave him. WE definitely need to find out if Fisher Price is a publicly listed company and if so, get to buying some shares! Daddy and Papa decided that we wouldn't spoil our little boy (excessively) as he is still a baby and has everything that he needs in the world and has not yet been tainted by modern day consumerism! We did however still buy some toys; a FP talking/learning puppy, a tambourine, another FP walking trolley with blocks & Dr Seuss boxed set of books & some new clothes. We knew that family members would be very generous to the newest addition of our household, and they were. Ninna bought Noah a beautiful limited edition Disney Christmas tree that plays carols and the small characters spin around the tree, some books, new shoes and clothes and a keepsake Christmas ornament for the tree. Poppy Michael bought NoNo a beautiful Blinky Bill book. Grandma & Poppy went totally OTT and bought books, books and more books, toys a plenty; including many made by you know who, Wiggles DVDs, clothes, and a new beach towel. Aunty Becky & Uncle Stephen bought NoNo a FP 'Little People' train and an Elmo doll dressed as a chicken that does..the chicken dance. Noah is still not 100% certain of this one! Aunty Trella and Uncle Patrick bought Noah a wonderful alphabet floor rug that is in his bedroom, books, books and more books, a xylophone and hooded towel too. Have I mentioned that we love reading to our son? Noah enjoys story time too and it is wonderful spending time with him reading and watching the expressions on his face. I pray that the love of books and reading stay with him for life. Uncle Brett bought Noah a Christmas teddy bear and a FP musical bird bath that sings from one to ten and your ABCs too. Darren's niece Hollie and her partner Dan bought us the most beautiful Swarvoski crystal baby carriage and rocking horse for Noah's room. They are simply stunning and will be especially treasures as our son grows up. We also had fun opening presents from Aunty Tans and Uncle Trent; a Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurine, bath time toys and PJs. Aunty Ed gave NoNo a teddy bear too. Uncles Michael, Jarrad and cousin Reid sent us a beautiful tin plane that we just love, a book (The Night Before Christmas) and Nanna Lyn from Tasmania sent a small children's bible. Aunty Rhonda & Uncle Mark from Port Macquarie sent a beautiful set of outfits. Aunty Tanya & Uncle Chris from the Paris of the West (see earlier blog entries for clarification) sent a beautiful boxed set of Little Golden Books (the Christmas stories). One of Daddy's work colleagues sent an enormous Mickey Mouse toy which we added to the now mountainous collection of stuffed toys in Noah's bedroom (note to self, no more stuffed animals)! Neighbours Carol & Mark gave Noah an embroidered legionnaire hat with a penguin and his name. To say our son is loved and was spoilt would be the understatement of 2010. I a sure that I have missed gifts and the kind people who gave them to us. There is just strong>SO MANY GIFTS! It is amazing to witness the mass of toys and books one little boys has in such a short period of time. We are truly blessed beyond imagination and still wonder at the bountiful life we enjoy here in Australia. It does make me sad to think of those less fortunate, especially at this time of year Children who are not as lucky as Noah and will go without. We did have the obligatory 'tears before bedtime'. Noah was playing on the floor of the conservatory with a mountain of gifts around him and fell, hitting his chin on a box and cut himself. Not too badly, but bad enough for a bit of blood and plenty of tears. All was good again however with a big cuddle from Daddy & Papa. We enjoyed Christmas lunch at Johnny's parents house who live nearby. Aunty Becky & Uncle Stephen along with Aunty Mags and Uncle Charlie came to the Mountains for the day and enjoy our first Christmas with NoNo. We had a sumptuous feast prepared by Grandma, Papa & Aunty Becky including the yummiest turkey and stuffing, glazed ham, prawns and oysters, salads and desserts just to make sure we were well and truly full! The weather was simply perfect, we had such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze, lucky considering that it has been four seasons in one day these past weeks. For December, the weather has been all over the place; a blazing hot day and the A/C is turned on, Noah sleeping in a singlet and nappy and then, the next day it's freezing and the heaters are on again to keep us warm. No wonder NoNo has had summer sniffles and coughing off and on for days...again! After our beautiful Christmas Day lunch, Daddy, Papa, Noah and Ninna headed down the Mountain to Aunty Trella and Uncle Patrick's house for Christmas dinner. We enjoyed an equally delicious dinner albeit somewhat lighter than lunch with family; Atlantic salmon with asparagus spears, balsamic glazed cherry tomato and lemon butter sauce, roasted chicken, salads and a Christmas punch with punch! We had a lovely Christmas day with our son and returned home just before midnight. Noah was so tired and managed to sleep for a few hours before we returned home but still, the day was long and he sure did make up for lost sleep over the coming days. Apart from the excitement of Christmas day, other news of interest is that our son is now officially crawling! No longer content with the strange bottom shuffle or a backwards crawl, we now have forward thrusters activated! It was so exciting to see and we are now actively mobile. Noah is also holding his weight very comfortably on both legs and can support himself unaided by either Daddy or Papa when holding onto the furniture.

The other thing Noddy enjoys is jumping and I mean JUMPING. All the time, be it on the floor, bed, lounge or Papa's lap and I have the bruises on my legs to prove it people. Noah is so very active and loves to move. We are definitely going to have to enrol this boy in some kind of active sport. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and we have a quiet night planned with friends we often catch up with. Noah will be spending the night at Grandma and Poppy's house after months of pleading from Grandma, her wish is granted. We want to end 2010 by wishing everyone 'out there' the very best and pray for healthy pregnancies if you are pregnant, positive results if you're trying to conceive and blessings beyond compare for 2011.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Should Have Stayed in Bed Today

The east coast of Australia was hit by a major storm this afternoon. MAJOR! The suburb of Penrith near when Johnny works had a whopping 33mm of rain in 15 minutes and the temperature dropped 7 degrees in 10 minutes. From our little travel agent in the mountains we could see the storm rolling in. The sky changed colour again and again as the bright afternoon day turned dark blue, green and black. Thunder, lightening, rain and hail. I am very sad to report that Orlando the Ocean Racer Volvo did not do so well when he went head to head with mother nature this afternoon. I believe that the below will be more than sufficient in detailing our distress at today's events!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Is My Contented Baby?

Where oh where has my contented little baby gone? Someone please let me know if you find him.....PLEASE!

Since Noah's birth, Daddy and Papa have been following the contented baby routine by Gina Ford and it has worked a treat for us & Noah. That is, until around six weeks ago when we returned from Melbourne. The weather in Australia this year has been all over the place, unseasonably cold and then hot, cold again, snow today, heat wave tomorrow and since our fateful return flight from Melbourne to Sydney late October, our little man has been the discontented baby. Gina Ford help me! In an ideal world, at just over eight months old Noah's routine should read something similar to the following;


Happily awake in his bed waiting for Daddy or Papa to come down & greet him for the morning. Sing a Disney'esque song whilst changing nappies handed to us by cute little blue birds. This is followed by a morning bottle and 1 weet bix mashed with a little banana. We usually play a little and read a book, then depending on where Noah is spending the day, either madly rush around getting ready for work or laze about in our PJs for a while.


Morning sleep until 10.30am


Awake from our morning sleep and again happily chatting to himself waiting for his parents.


Morning Tea which now consists of 1/4 mango sliced, 3 lychees and a bit of banana


Lunch time bottle and solids (100gms) of what ever I have made the week prior and is in the freezer.


Afternoon sleep until 4.00pm


Awake again waiting for Daddy & Papa with some play time until 5pm when it's time for a bath. We have our dinner (100gms of solid food) around 5.30pm and a night time bottle between 6.15-6.30pm.


Blissfully and peacefully drift off to sleep without crying or distress whatsoever.

The above routine was our reality from three months of age until six months of age with the occasional and I mean very occasional wake here and there. Noah was sleeping through the night and was the picture perfect contented baby. I don't know what happened. From what I hear, what we are experiencing is normal and we simply have to grin and bear it. Below is an idea of 48 hours recently when we visited Great Grandma & Great Pop.

10DEC - 6pm to bed

11DEC - 3am-3.50am awake, screaming and nothing would pacify or soothe him
6am awake for breakfast bottle and solid food
8am-8.30am asleep in the car
10.45am lunch and bottle
11am-1.30pm afternoon sleep
5.30pm dinner and bottle
7.15pm put to bed and cried until 7.50pm eventually giving in to sleep

12DEC - 12.15am / 3.00am / 5.00am waking at different times through the night
6am breakfast bottle and solid food
8.50am-10.20am morning sleep
10.45am morning tea of banana, apple and cinnamon puree
12noon lunch and bottle
2.40pm-4pm afternoon sleep
5pm dinner and bottle
6.40pm-10.30pm asleep in the car on our way home
10.30pm-11.35pm cried and cried. Changed nappy and gave another bottle to
calm and sooth

13DEC - 5.45am awake

Noah is taking 200ml of formula four times a day and each solid feed is around 100-150gms depending on whether or not he is hungry.

It could be teeth, he quite distinctly has two teeth still coming through. Could it be his ears? A friend suggested we take him to the DR to check on his ears as maybe swimming or the pool has given him an ear infection. Turns out that the DR could not see either ear drum as they were blocked with wax - yuck! Papa has not wanted to over clean Noah's ears so they have been getting done once a month, this obviously has to be looked at. So, is it his ears causing discomfort and that is why every time we now lay him in his cot he turns into the devil child? My poor darling, I wish I spoke baby, tell me what is wrong!!! We have been dropping olive oil into his ears twice daily in the hope of softening the wax and we are headed back to the DR tomorrow for a follow up and if there is no improvement I am demanding they do something for him. So perhaps it is simply a combination of teething, sore ears & summer heat causing our angel to be so restless. One glimmer of hope though, he slept through again last night!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meeting Great Grandparents

Noah, Papa & Aunty Becky had a wonderful weekend on the NSW South Coast where our paternal grand parents and Noah's great grandparents live. It has been so long since I last saw my grandmother and grandfather and this was going to be the first time Noah met them. Grandma and Pop's home is located high on a hill in an enviable location overlooking the Tasman Sea with truly breathtaking views. Growing up, this was our annual holiday location every Christmas. Long summer days spent with cousins playing cricket, badminton, billiards and spending what seemed like endless hours with our grand parents. My grandmother is a wonderful, wonderful cook and there is nothing she can not or would not make for her grandchildren and this is still the case. I finished work on Thursday and excitedly headed home to pack for our mini getaway. Daddy was working this weekend so Papa was going solo. It takes so, so long these days to pack for a weekend away.
I quickly remembered how full the car was on our last weekend away in Dubbo and trust me, this time was no exception. It took me an hour and a half to make sure I had everything needed and pack it into the car. Aunty Trella and Ninna were on hand to help feed Noah whilst Papa got everything ready, showered and headed out the door. Noah comfortably in his baby seat and Papa about to shut the door and.....vomit. Unclip seatbelt and take Noah back inside the house for a quick re change and wipe over, Papa a clean shirt free from baby vomit and we're back in the car and driving down our street headed 300km south to the picturesque seaside town of Dolphin Point. It's a long drive made even longer when you're travelling by yourself and the weather is thick with fog and misty rain. I relied on our car's GPS 'just to be safe' and what an event in itself this turned out to be. I comfortably drive for an hour and a half until I hit the pretty town of Bowral in the southern highlands. Bowral is famous for it's tulip festival in Spring and we often make a day trip travelling here enjoying lunch and a spot of shopping. As I left the town I was instructed by Lee (my GPS man) to take a left at an unfamiliar bridge, so I complied. It wasn't until 20 minutes or so later that I realised I had taken the scenic tourist route. I was literally in the middle of no where. The road barely wide enough for my single car was meant to be two lanes and the fog! I was so uncharacteristically panicky. I was on unfamiliar roads, with no passing traffic, homes, street lights and could not find my way back to the freeway. Turns out the scenic tourist route was bypassing the towns of Wollongong, Kiama, Berry and others travelling via Kangaroo Valley which is lovely and I would have liked it had it been the middle of the day and not raining, misty and wet. I literally did not have a passing car for over an hour. I ended up meeting the freeway again just before Nowra with only an hour until I arrived at my grandparents. I did eventually arrive at just after 11pm and the unpacking of the car began. Noah happily asleep in the back seat and Papa unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. I am instantly transported to my childhood on climbing the landing stairs and walking to the front door. The familiar smell of my childhood and that of my grandparent's home magically works wonders with my mind and I am in that happy place again. I am a child of 11 or 12 years with my sister, cousins and extended family surrounding me. The sound of laughter fills the air and my heart is warm and full of love as I let this feeling envelop me. This are the childhood memories I want Noah to have. We had a wonderful weekend and it was especially good seeing my grandfather who at 86 years old has been unwell for some time now. I don't like the thought of him not being around and it is a hard admission the thought of him not being with us much longer. Pop has become frail in his old age, losing a large amount of weight, not eating properly and finds it frustrating not being able to do the things around the home and garden he once done without issue। He also has dementia (thankfully no longer progressing due to medication), this has however affected his short term memory. He can easily recall the events from more than 30 years ago but something that happened last week, even earlier that day is much harder for him. My grandfather is also spending more and more time reminiscing about his years in the Pacific Islands during WWII and the friends he made and sadly lost. I know this plays on his mind from the stories he recalls to me and Grandma often tells me he often wakes from nightmares. I know that the absolute worst of what he experienced during the war he keeps to himself. Grandma, always her stoic self happily reminisces about 62 years of marriage and I can see that it is hard for her to see the husband she once knew change so drastically in front of her eyes. The time I spent with my grandmother growing up I am sure helped pave the way for my love of cooking. The time spent in her kitchen, combined with that of my mother are some of the happiest memories I have as a child. Nothing was ever too much or too outlandish for her to prepare. This is still the case. The next morning I quietly snuck into the pantry for a peek and yes, they were there. The cookies from my childhood that she had made in advance knowing we were visiting. Two containers full of coconut and walnut bikkies - - yum!!! I quickly had two even before breakfast had begun. Their familiar buttery texture and smell are drug like to me. Over the weekend we enjoyed, chocolate cake, sticky date pudding, caramel tarts, lemon tarts, pavlova and a treasure trove of home made delights we all enjoyed. Noah and Papa had their first real taste of Summer at the coast too. The weather at home has been so unseasonably mild and temperate that I was not prepared for the 35 degree days we had. Thankfully there is a wonderful sea breeze and the ocean to enjoy and cool off in. I have to say though that the vision I had in my head of Noah and I at the sea-shore and the reality could not have been more different. In my head we were blissfully floating in the water, chatting and splashing away, the current carrying us to where the open ocean meets the lake and then walking back to the lake only to be carried away again. The reality was far more abrupt. The water was freezing! Absolutely chilly and Noah hated it. We therefore spent our time playing in the sand (another vision in the head that needed reassessing). Noah decided that he would rather eat the sand and I mean EAT IT and from time to time rub it in his eyes than enjoy playing and sitting with his Papa. We therefore had an interesting 30 minutes or so at the beach quickly to return home for a thorough shower and afternoon nap!

It truly was a wonderful three days and I am grateful that Noah has finally met his great grandparents. I am planning another visit early in the new year, January hopefully. By this time (fingers crossed) Noah will be back to his happyily contented sleeping soundly through the night self...this is another post!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Day of Firsts

We woke this morning as we normally do. Rising just before 7am to Noah babbling to himself in his cot. Daddy didn't start work today until after 10am so we had breakfast together; Noah his morning bottle and weet bix and Daddy & Papa their coffee.

Papa was playing with NoNo on the lounge room floor and then the bite. Papa was letting Noah blow raspberries on his cheeks and suck his chin and nose and ouch! Teeth! Two teeth appeared overnight. The bottom middle two teeth on the bottom gum line. It was so exciting and I hurriedly ran to share this milestone with Daddy. Our boy has teeth! Now, I won't be able to take a photo just yet as they are teeny tiny on the gum line and trying to see them ourselves is a mammoth task so just imagine what it will be like trying to pry open your baby son's mouth long enough to capture that all important shot. For that photo update, watch this space.

We had another first today; Noah's first birthday party. I was so excited to open an email last week and find that at seven months and 24 days Noah had his first birthday invite. We both enjoyed the morning spent at Leo's 2nd birthday and we played party games and pass the parcel. One of Leo's mums made the most beautiful bib for NoNo that was his gift in pass the parcel. It is a little tight around his neck so when an extended is added, I'll blog the photo. It is truly wonderful! So we have had a wonderful Sunday and a great day of firsts. Of course every day with our little wonder has many firsts but these two I though deserved special mention.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Noah's Six & Seven Month Update

This post is long, long, LONG overdue and I apologise. Life has been hectic beyond belief and it just seems to be gaining momentum! Just wait until Noah is crawling and then *gulp* walking, Where is the stop sign PLEASE! Perhaps it's that life seems more hectic than it actually is, simply because Noah has been sick...again. Our poor little man has been coughing and sneezing with a snotty, mucusy nose. Combine this with a lack of sleep and you have yourself an unhappy little chappy. We have had the tiniest of tiny tastings of what a Spring day should be like in the Blue Mountains since the start of September but, Jack Frost and his Winter pals have not wanted to leave us this year. We even had snow in October which is unheard of where we live given that the altitude of our tiny mountain village is only around 750 metres above sea level. I have mentioned in older posts that Darren and I both adore the cold weather, mist, rain and chilly Winter days, but this year we really want some warm weather to 'chase the blues away'....gotta love Ella Fitzgerald right!

The above paragraph has been in 'drafts' for weeks now and I have come to the realisation that even though I may not blog as often I like, what's the point of worrying; que sera sera. I love Doris Day too! The purpose of this blog is two fold really. It is a resource for other intending parents to use when planning their own family through surrogacy overseas and it is for our son. I want Noah to have this blog, our thoughts, feelings and emotions to look over and have when he is older. From India With Love will become a book for he & us to share and read together. A gift from his parents detailing our journey to his birth and the first twelve months of life with his Daddy and Papa. I don't yet know if I will continue blogging after Noah turns 1; what will be will be, right!. The past two months have been as always filled with many great adventures, shared laughter, tears and a few sleepless nights! Noah, Papa, Grandma and Aunty Becky travelled west to the country town of Dubbo. Affectionately known as the Paris of the west in our family. It was for a family wedding that we travelled here and it was officially Noah's first wedding! Je t'aime Duboo! The drive from where we live to Dubbo is just over four hours and Noah slept the entire way. He is the perfect, contented baby (thanks Gina Ford)! We arrived at our destination and the cute cottage we rented for the weekend escape. By the time we unpacked the car and were indoors it was around 11pm. Noah decided to wake up on our arrival and not to sleep in his travel cot. Grandma tried keeping Noah happy while Papa unpacked the mountain and I mean MOUNTAIN of luggage that is now required for a simple two night get away. It was then left to Papa to relax his little one and ensure his safe boarding on the 'sleepy train' for another night. After two hours I gave in and in the end Noah spent the weekend sleeping in the queen size bed with Papa. Other than this minor blemish on an otherwise perfect sleep routine, we had a fun weekend and enjoyed seeing our extended family and had a great night at cousin Em's wedding. She was the perfect blushing bride and looked beautiful! We have also spent time enjoying picnics with friends and their children as the weather finally warms up and Noah just loves being around other kids. He really is fascinated by them and they seem to enjoy being with him too. Tans and Trent who are close friends living nearby to us and their three children Mason, Mischa and Sienna just love being around 'Bubba Noah' and they are all so beautiful and gentle with him. We're just so excited to see them interact and look forward to them growing older and spending more time together. Once a month the Sydney members of the Gay Dads Australia Support group meet for a catch up. Usually it is a picnic or we meet at a park or children's play centre depending on the weather.
Our family have been to one get together since Noah was born and decided this month to return to Sydney for a planned picnic. We have been waiting for Noah to recover from his seemingly never ending cold and the warm weather to join us. Papa, Daddy and Noah hopped in the car, provisions on the ready and headed to Sydney. Turns out that Papa was not as prepared as he first though he was. We arrived at Pyrmont and I had forgotten the address of the meeting point. I also did not have any contact numbers and could access my email from my phone. We did try three separate parks in and around Pyrmont but in the end had our own private picnic just the three of us and enjoyed the afternoon sun relaxing on our blanky playing with our little boy. Noah and daddy have started swimming lessons together and our little one has taken to the water like the proverbial duck. We thought this would be the case as bath time has ended up with Papa on his hands and knees drying not only the floor of the bathroom but the hand basin, walls and toilet which end up covered in water from our son, he just loves it. Swimming lessons are meant to be a weekly occurrence, every Friday morning. A quick trip in the car after Noah's morning sleep and lunch to our local swim centre and a 30 minute lesson or thereabouts. But as you all know, the best laid plans....Having been so sick we have missed a few weeks and can you believe that if you miss more than two you need a DR certificate to make up the classes! Perhaps due to the fact that they are paid for in advance and only operate during the school term. Noah's last lesson for the year will be the 17th December but I know that Daddy and Papa are going to continue taking him to our local pool during summer. We have a beautiful pool located in a wonderful bush setting, with shady trees, it is so peaceful. There is plenty of soft grass to relax on with a summer evening picnic and we can enjoy balmy nights and a refreshing swim! We are still waiting on Noah's first tooth to appear and thought we were there a few weeks ago. There was a tiny white speck on the bottom gum line that had Papa convinced a tooth was moments away and then...gone. Noah will be 8 months old in 12 days time so it can't be too far away. There is an 8 month old girl in Noah's swim group that already has three of her teeth; two on the bottom and one on top and it is utterly adorable! Noah does seem to be drooling more and more every day combined with chomping down on anything put in his mouth and rubbing his gums. I am told, these are the signs a tooth or teeth are not far away! We have had Noah to our local GP a few times these past two months for his six month immunisations, general check ups and also to a paediatric opthomologist. Noah weighs just over 9 kg & you sure can tell when you pick him up! The very top of both of Noah's iris have a tiny crescent moon spec of white which you can see the colour of his iris through. Of course being first time parents and wanting to be safe rather than sorry, we booked an appointment months ago and saw the specialist recently. It turns out to be nothing of concern which is wonderful news. It was explained that the tiny spec of white is hypo-pigmentation and does not have any affect at all on his eyesight. We were at the specialists rooms for close to three hours and the full eye check up was around two hours duration...$200 later, thank you for coming. Noah has been expanding his culinary world this month. As well as enjoying the deliciousness of HEINZ progress formula, STAGE II four times daily, Noah is now enjoying the following home made delights: Stewed Apple, Pear & Blueberry / Pumpkin, Carrot, Zucchini & Quinoa / Pumpkin, Carrot, Zucchini & Sweet Potato / Stewed Apple / Sweet Potato & Avocado. We have recently also introduced KIDS Weet Bix for breakfast mixed with some formula and mashed banana which Noah simply adores and it turns out so does Daddy! Papa has yet to venture down the road of giving it a try as the smell of the formula is enough to discourage me, but it seems not Daddy! Noah is now also enjoying a morning and afternoon snack of some fresh fruit of which our favourites are: Blueberries that have first been peeled and slightly mooshed by Daddy or Papa, Peach pieces (ditto peeling & mooshing) & Mashed Banana. Our little one certainly has developed a palate for veggies and fruit for which we are thankful. We have had to resort to some store bought food now and then as travelling with home made food is not always practical or possible but thankfully there is an abundant choice of organic baby food on the market and the variety is not too shaby either so we make do. We recently returned to Melbourne for four wonderful days catching up with our friends Jarrad, Michael and their truly beautiful son Reid. As always we had an amazing time & only wished our visit had been longer. We rented a private apartment decorated in the French Provincial style which was perfect for us Francophiles. Anyone who has been to our mountain home will attest to the fact that we are BIG lovers of French style. Complete with kitchen and laundry facilities it was simply...divine and a perfect pied a terre on the outskirts of Melbourne CDB for the three of us. We enjoyed a lovely day trip to Daylesford with the boys enjoying lunch, coffee and the array of gift shops in this picturesque town. The remainder of our time was spent enjoying great company, meeting new friends and the delights of delicious food and superb wine. Not to forget the deluxe edition of scrabble. My newest favourite board game. We always love visiting Melbourne and our dear, dear friends and eagerly await the next time we're together again. Did I mention to you however our pram was misplaced by a certain domestic airline? We arrived into Melbourne Tullamarine nice and early so as to avoid afternoon peak hour. Jarrad had agreed to meet us at the airport and we disembarked ready for our four days of relaxation. Baggage carousel number two had our luggage ready and waiting. We then head on over to the oversize baggage counter and wait. Noah happily chatting to himself and Daddy & Papa commenting how quick we always seem to get our luggage when we fly. This dear reader was our fatal mistake, the Achilles heel of this trip. Wait until you have all your luggage before praising your chosen airline you have just flown with. Other guests prams, surf boards, baby seats, appliances and God knows what else they had packaged into boxes, eskys and the like were being dropped off at a cracking pace. But not our pram. Ever the optimist, I was convinced it would be next to arrive. Now, when we departed Sydney airport we checked our one and only pram at the gate and this is where we made our first fatal mistake which destined our pram to the abyss of missing luggage. Darren laughed out loud to himself that wouldn't it be funny if we arrived and there was no pram. Funny? One is not amused! Having handed over our boarding pass' we are assured by the staff checking our flight that all would be OK and our pram would be in Melbourne with us when we arrived. We then board the aircraft and are now blissfully unaware of what drama lay ahead of us and the fate of Noah's Princely Carriage! Back to Melbourne and forty minutes or so later and still no pram. The next flight arriving had begun to have their luggage pass by on carousel number two, it was then we raised our concern with the airlines dedicated ground staff and discovered that yes, the airline had lost our pram. In fact there was no record of the pram even leaving Sydney or the whereabouts of it's current location. Even a phone call to the gate and staff there failed to reveal an answer. Our pram went awol. Not happy would be an understatement! I completed the mandatory lost item form, gave my contact number to the airline staff member and hoped for the best. We had been waiting for the pram for over an hour. We then readied ourselves for peak hour traffic into the city! That night we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ and an unseasonably warm Melbourne night for the time of year and our pram woes seemed to be a distant memory. It wasn't until after a few glasses of deliciously sweet bubbles I realised I had missed a call from the airline. I phoned back but of course no answer after hours. We did eventually get our pram back. The same night we arrived in fact, around 11.30pm. We do not know the details of the sordid adventure it had but we are glad she returned to us.