Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Time To Blog

How long has it been since your last time? For me it has been 18 days. I seem to have no time to blog anymore and this post has been a long time coming, sorry for the delay. Prior to Noah joining our family I had a grand plan of 'stay at home parenthood' in my little country boy head. Baking, gardening, preserving (yes preserving) quince are almost back in season you know! The required amount of housework and of course time spent playing & reading to our son. Maybe too a little time enjoying outings with friends and family. HA! To say that I am busy is an understatement of unimaginable proportions and time poor simply does not cut it either. Is there such a thing as the lack of time poverty line? If so, I'm there my friends........The above paragraph was started on the 20th May and it is now June 29, almost July! Jeesh, I HAVE to find the time to blog, this I know. There just doesn't seem to be any time available. Today is different though. Today is the first day Noah is spending with someone other than his Papa. But more on this later. As I said above, prior to returning home and daily life with an infant, I had planned to update our blog on a weekly basis with cute photos of our son & humorous stories of what was happening in his life and how he was growing and developing but that has seriously taken a back seat. I also mentioned above that I was looking forward to preserving some fruit, quince in particular as I simply adore it! Well, this too didn't happen and I am super miffed. Quince come into season in Autumn and are a strange looking, rock hard, yellow, furry nothing. That it until after hours and hours and hours of poaching. This non descript fruit becomes blossom red and the fragrance tells you it is ready. YUM!!!! Well, I excitedly rushed into my green grocer last week expecting to buy a kilo or two of quinces only to be told I have missed the boat this year. The best of the season is long gone. How did this happen? I was so looking forward to this once a year delight. In the now common domain of my baby brain, I had thought there were weeks to go until the end of the season. HA! You silly boy. Were you not in India for the first month of Autumn??? Was you son not born just as the leaves were turning golden brown?
Alas, another year will have to pass until I can enjoy this most humble of fruit. Never mind, good things as they say will come to those who wait and wait and wait as this is the case when poaching quince. Now onto the second reason for the delay in posting and I like to think the most valid. Yes I am time poor there's no mistaking this fact. Baby up-chuck now and then on my shoulder, no time to change my shirt. Just a quick blend and you would never know it was there. Except of course if you are wearing black. My computer has not been allowing me to access blogger and facebook. Every other internet site known to man kind there has been no problem at all. But these two for some unknown reason have been a no go for weeks now. Of course, there have been much more exciting things going on in our loves than the above. Our perfectly wonderful son is almost THREE MONTHS OLD. Can you believe it? In nine days time Noah will be three months old and yes, the time does pass by ever so quickly and I now can see why parents say it only seems like yesterday when.....It really does only seem like yesterday. Already Noah has become an infant, no longer the newborn baby we brought back to Sydney from Mumbai. He is starting to become a little boy with an amazing personality to match. He is now holding his head high as his neck muscles start to develop.

Tummy time is still kept to a minimum and it usually is on my lap/chest or with a swaddle under his chest for five minutes or so. Noah has settled into life with us perfectly and we with him too. From the very beginning we were determined to have a routine and after reading too many parenting books on which is best. Feeding on demands versus feeding to a routine, we opted for a routine by Gina Ford, author of the fabulous Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies. And, we are happy to say at two months three and a half weeks, we officially have our contented baby sleeping from 7pm to 7am! YAYAYAYAY! Noah really is such a good little boy. We did have to tweek the suggested routine around a month ago and thanks be to J whose little boy is also following the same routine. Your advice as you know worked a treat. In a nutshell, Noah's day starts at 7am and is awake for two hours and then back down from 9am to 10am. From the time he wakes up at 10am, it is up for two hours and then down for two hours and so on and so forth. Until 4pm, when he has a quick 45 minute nap until 4.45 and is then up again for a bath, night time feed and lots of kisses and cuddles until 7pm when he goes back to sleep again. The routine has worked really well for us and Noah too. His awake time is really positive and he is not in the least bit grumpy and we all enjoy this time together. The sad reality of having to return to work is soon going to breathing down my neck. In a matter of weeks I will be returning to part time work and no longer spending every hour of every day with out little boy. This saddens me so much to think that there will be magical first moments I am now going to miss out on. But hey, the majority of parents have to work right? Also, we were not the winners of OZ Lotto's $50M last night so we have to work. But all is not lost. We have our healthy baby boy who is perfect. We have each other, our health, home and the wonder of a lifetime of joy ahead of us with our son. This post has been SO long overdue and even now, it is tomorrow (two days since I started the second paragraph). The day is over and I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to fold. Prior to ending this entry though, I want to take the opportunity to congratulate our dear friends who we met last July when we cycled in India. A couple from the state of Victoria whose first attempt ended in a heart breaking miscarriage. Months of waiting to hear news of their second attempt....pregnant! We welcome their darling little boy into the world and know they are going to be the best possible parents. Congratulations guys, we love you and look forward to creating many happy memories with our combined families! Below is my current favourite photo of Noah taken a week ago. What do you think? Adorable no?