Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Surrogate & Dr S

Back home from Canada and what an amazing time I had.

My only hesitation on these trips for work is that the group will be fun, get along & not be bitchy. Three ticks for APT & Canada, it was great. I made some great new friends and managed to buy those elusive Radko ornaments. You will see I've attached a photo of yours truly atop Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, awesome!

A small update on the surrogacy front for Darren and I; we have our surrogate mother!

We were given access to the SI database of SMs and we made our selection on Monday night. We emailed SI with our first and second choice and the next day....voila....confirmed choice number one! The amazing woman who will carry our child for us.

What an amazing gift to give to a total stranger.

We are both over the moon and very excited. Not that we weren't before but it is slowly starting to creep closer and closer. I'm counting down the days to 30 July when we depart Sydney for India. Other good news received this week is that Dr Sudhir has returned to SI. I was so, so happy to hear this and read the email from Dr Yash.

The exceptional customer service and communication from Dr S is one of the many reasons we chose to undertake our Indian surrogacy journey with SI.


  1. You are so going to cry when you meet your surrogate mum in person. We all do. It is such an emotional time, and so rewarding. I was terrified about meeting our surrogate, Mrs C, but what an amazing experience.

    The docs will be with you, and will interpret for you. Honestly, don't miss the meeting and take pics for your records, because it is such an incredible time!!!!

  2. Congrats on your Surrogate Mother Johnny & Darren.

    What a special time for you both. That first, most important hurdle is over.

    I saw that you took a peek at our little sweetiepie.

    Yours will be here before you know it..trust me on that! The time seems to crawl. I know that torture too...but it will fly.

    God Bless.