Saturday, January 31, 2009

We're on our way to becoming Daddies!!!

After three months of research, doubt, trepidation, and much late night talking we have finally set the wheels in motion to become daddies.

A quick intro since this is the first of I'm sure many entries following our journey to parenthood and our first ever blog. So here goes;

For those of you who don't yet know us, we're just you're average same sex
(wannabe happily married) couple living West of Sydney in the picture perfect Blue Mountains.

This October we celebrate our 12 year anniversary and what a year 2009 is turning out to be!

Darren will be 40 in August and hopefully not long after this date (the 19th) we'll have some news that both he and I are going to be parents.

The journey to this point that we now know that we will be proceeding with surrogacy using an Indian ED with the help of SI has been interesting ;)

Those of us who are reproductively challenged or in our case can not carry our own child know all too well of the heartache this causes. We've had it all let me tell you. People have said 'Well you know there's straight couples who can't have kids either so you're not alone'.

Hmm. Tried through no avail via the NSW government agency in charge of local and international adoptions to adopt and even foster a child. The idea though of having someone in your life who you love like no other and care for as your own child and then months down the track has to be returned to their biological mother doesn't sit well with either of us. And the children typically fostered out to same sex couples and almost always special needs which can mean anything and everything under the sun and a todler or older child with these special needs is no light task anyone.

Sorry for the waffling. Anyway, we've ended up at this point almost three months to the date that we agreed that yes we CAN be parents and it DOESN'T matter that we are gay. What matters is that we can offer a stable, loving, caring home for our child and nothing is more important.

We have both just finished reading an inspiring book of other gay dads and their stories from North America and one quote I always remember and repeat out load when the chips are down this applies to us all on the surrogacy roller coaster:

"The only people who end up without a baby, are the people who give up".

Here's to NEVER EVER giving up!