Saturday, April 4, 2009

That Email

which Darren and I did not received from Dr Yash at SI has me worried.

I heard from another Aussie couple undertaking surrogacy with SI this morning that Dr S is no longer working with Dr Yash or associated with SI. An email was sent to a number of IPs including many Aussie couples but we were not included.

I had sent Dr S a message on skype last night to follow up on our legal documentation and program payment info reply. When I woke up this morning and heard of the email and Dr S's subsequent departure I was worried and still am. I don't know why we were not included in the update from Dr Yash.

I have emailed her more than five hours ago and fair enough it is only now 8.30am in Mumbai so I shouldn't worry too much. This is one of 'those moments' I've heard about from other couples undertaking the surrogacy journey. One of those lows.

I'm really only worried because we've been corresponding all along with Dr S and he has confirmed our payments of more than 400000INR to date and I need reassurance that all is OK and we can still proceed as planned on 31 July.

I've been out this morning with my mum and had my hair cut so that was a thankful distraction for a few hours. Now I'm home listening to a relaxation CD thinking positively waiting for an email from Dr Yash.

Please dear God let everything be OK for us. I hate being so far away from India and without control.

Everything will be OK, it has to be.


  1. Hi Johnny and Darren,

    We got that email too. I also sent Dr. Yash a new email yesterday and just heard back from her. My guess is she is fielding a lot of questions right now. Infertility is a roller coaster no matter what the circumstances! I think everything will be okay. It has be be for all of us. Johnny, I hope you have a safe trip to Canada. We are in Alaska and it snowed last night. British Colombia is absolutely beautiful!

    Warm Regards,

  2. Nik is heading to Mumbai tomorrow, so we'll find out what's happening and blog it for everybody's sake. Everyone involved in SI are true professionals and the business can easily continue when there are staff changes. As Amber has stated, they just need some time to regroup.

    Lisa B