Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dreaming About Babies

My dreams of late have been more and more baby themed and last night was no exception. It was so surreal and I honestly thought I was there with our baby son.

The past few months having thoughts of babies, nappies, prams, cots, baby showers and India in my subconscious it's no wonder then that I'm dreaming of little ones. First it was Amani's baby girl (I have never met Amani) to date that is....I know the day will come and we'll have one big surro baby party to celebrate our families. Actually I was day dreaming the other day after hearing about members of the growing generations team from the USA coming to Australia and thought wouldn't it be great to have the SI team out here and have the opportunity for others in the wider community to come and learn about just exactly what it is we're doing and the reasons behind it? But I'm digressing.

I've dreamt that I was in our study was day and our baby (didn't know the sex in this one) was on the floor with me and I was changing their nappy. Happily, blissfully, enjoying parenthood.

But last nights dream was by far the most real and I woke this morning feeling so elated.

Darren and I were in India at the hospital where our baby son had just been born and he was being brought to us and we were both blubbering like the softies we are. That's it people, that was the extent of the dream and it was perfect.

It was a moment of pure joy and when I woke my only wish was that we were travelling to India tomorrow instead of 30 July. It must be all this recent posting by bloggers and fellow IPs who are either pregnant or picking up their children.

Oh I can't wait!


  1. I am sure you will not be far behind us all.

  2. Egad, the dreams are awesome, but the idea of any Indian surrogacy clinic coming to Australia to talk about surrogacy would go down like a lead balloon.

    Unfortunately surrogacy - even altruistic surrogacy in Australia - is a highly contentious issue. Add to that commercial surrogacy is a totally no-no topic for Aussie lawmakers.

    Despite commercial surrogacy being sought and successfully negotiated by Aussie couples in the USA for at least a decade, even that is deemed "wrong".

    As for publicising commercial surrogacy for in India for any couple - forget it. Then add the fact you are a gay couple, well, you'd be totally vilified. Sad, but true.

    That's why none of this is in the media right now, and the few stories that are have been torn apart.

  3. I hope that these baby dreams come true and do so quickly! Maybe we'll even cross paths in India when we're there end of July/early August for baby pick-up!

  4. What a great dream! Hold tight - I know July seems so far away, but it'll come quickly, I promise. In the meantime, make the most of each other while it's still just you two. I'm talking candles, good DVDS, nice get the picture.

    The one thing I've learned from our false start is that one must have patience. It's so hard at times, but there's nothing you can do about it, so best to pack your time with fun than wish it away.

    That's my decision, anyway...I hope I can follow my own advice!!

  5. Too bad you will be on the West Coast of Canada..I am in the central east side of Canada and it would have been nice to meet up. Enjoy your trip. Jojo is correct...patience! Ugh, its not easy but we get thru it.