Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 33 Update

Have a look at that wonderful belly! I wish we were already in India. We really want to spend some time with our surrogate before she goes into labour and Noddy joins us. I pray we have this chance. Noddy is developing beautifully and it looks like the elevated WBC count from last week is decreasing which is a relief both for us, the docs and our surrogate. From this latest photo sent to us by Dr Sudhir, you can really tell that our surro. has put on weight, especially in her face. I hope she is happy and healthy. She must now be really starting to tire and be coming to the end of her patience with Noddy growing so well. When we last spoke with her on skype, she said the baby must be very hungry as she is eating lots! If those chubby cheeks on our latest 3D scans are anything to go by, she is right!

The latest results from Drs Sudhir and Yash on Noddy's development are:

BPD: 8.32 cms
HC: 30.00cms
FL: 6.45cms
AC: 27.45cms
FHR: 131bpm
EST Fetal Weight: 1955gms
EDD: 14 April 2010
The placenta is anterior and grade II in maturity
The amniotic fluid level is adequate
The internal os is closed
Cervical length 3.56cm

We are hoping to chat with her again tonight, our home PC has been done....again! Our replacement as been couriered to us today and I'll set it up after dinner. This Sunday we are having our baby shower and I'll be sure to post photos for those of you overseas or interstate that can't be here in person. Currently the weather forecast is a little stratchy. Not sure if we'll have sunshine and warmth on an Autumn day or not. I hope so. We've been getting gift packs ready for our surrogate's kids for our return to Mumbai and want to find something special for her too. We are thinking a piece of jewellery (maybe ear rings or a bracelet)?

Noddy's room is almost complete. The light we bought and painted has been installed and looks great! We have one last piece of furniture to paint and then that's it. No more painting! YAY!When everything is in it's place we will post a few pics to share with you all. Tomorrow will mark the five week count down until we fly back to Mumbai. I hope Noddy can hang in there until our arrival and that he/she is kind to our dear surrogate in these last weeks of her pregnancy for us.

Fetal size: crown-rump 30cm (12 inches), crown-toe: 43cm (19.4 inches). Fetal weight: 2kg (4.4 pounds). Until week 20, your baby spent most of it's time in a wakeful state. Between weeks 20 and 28, he/she started to have periods of activity and quiet. After week 28 your baby started to experience active sleep (eyes and body moving, heart rate speeding up then slowing down, facial expressions changing and changing breathing patterns). From week 28 onwards, it is likely that your baby starts to develop a pattern of deep sleep and active sleep. During the active sleep periods, your baby's brain undergoes stimulation, which probably helps it to mature.


  1. what a beautiful picture - i'm so happy for you both! getting closer now.


  2. How exciting for you both, you must be so anxious to get there and met Noddy,

  3. Wow! Your EDD is only 6 weeks away. So exciting!

  4. That´s a beautiful belly and quite big. Your little one must be really hungry and eating nicely. Can´t wait to see the final pictures of Noddy´s nursery. Have a great time (and weather) at your baby shower!

  5. Hey guys! How exciting and what a great blog! I LOVE the title!

    OK I spent some time blog stalking yesterday on your blog and some other great surrogacy blogs. I am SUPPOSED to be taking a MUCH needed break from the internet but I found your blog and others yesterday and now am filled with hope!

    I a now following your blog. I would love to read more and email/talk with you guys. I am going to be leaving similiar comments on some of the blogs in your little circle so do not think I am spamming you guys lol I am just trying to get as much info as I can. I have an almost 22 month old son, and cannot get pregnant again due to health issues. We cannot afford surrogacy costs, but then my mom told me about a documentary on TV about surrogacy in India. My husband and I are hoping to start the process very soon-I am reaching out to all you guys in hopes of finding out as much information as possible! Here is my latest blog about my situation...

    I am SO thankful to have found your blogs and others like it and am now following--pop on by and follow back if you would like or feel free to email me anytime

    You all have really given me hope...

  6. Hi guys,
    It's getting close for you now!
    We look forward to your first pictures!
    Take care

  7. Go Noddy GO!! Gorgeous belly!

  8. Yeah! You are in the final weeks before your lives change beautifully forever. Wishing you calm in the final weeks!
    Go and have a bunch of date nights while you can...