Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Week Countdown

Tomorrow, Saturday will mark 14 days until our departure from Sydney and more importantly, our return to Mumbai to see Dr Sudhir, Dr Yash, Team SI, our wonderful surrogate and finally meet our darling Noddy.

Giving myself over to the thought of finally becoming a parent gives me unbearable pins and needles throughout my entire body. Goosebumps, dizziness and tingling in the base of my neck are just some of the sensations when I imagine our child in our lives. A child that no one can take from us. A child that will call us it's parents. A child that will wake in the morning and want us, it's daddies to hug and take care of them. My mind is racing at a million miles an hour and I keep repeating to myself that WE ARE ABOUT TO BECOME PARENTS!!!

Last night we had the opportunity to again chat with our surrogate on SKYPE and see her happy smiling face. Having such fantastic technology available to us and a willing surrogate to chat regularly has made the past nine months seem all the more real for Darren and I. We have been encouraged by the positive news and feedback during the course of our surrogate's pregnancy for us. Some IPs have chosen to visit India mid pregnancy which is a great way to stay in touch with your chosen surrogate but for us we opted not to do this. SKYPE had made the many, many miles seem not so far and our surrogate closer to us which we are grateful for. We asked our SM last night how she was feeling and if baby Noddy was moving much to which she replied that our baby likes to dance of a night time! She cracked up laughing and so did the other girls in the room with her. Every time she laughes it is so contagious and makes us happy. A happy pregnancy = a happy baby!

Below is a screen shot from our chat last night on SKYPE. SI clients will recognise the happy smiling face of Jaya in the background, one of the members of "Team SI".

Fetal size : crown-rump 34cm (13.5 inches), crown-toe 46cm (20.7 inches). Fetal weight 2.75 kgs (6 pounds). From about 24 weeks it is possible for your health care professional to determine what position your baby is in. This may change quite a few times as your baby grows, until some time between 32-36 weeks, when the baby runs out of room. A baby usually lies in the cephalic position, that it head down and legs curled up towards the ribs. This is an ideal position, as a baby's head is larger than the rest of it's body, so if the head fits through the pelvis, the rest of the body will. On less frequent occasions, the baby can be in a breach position, where it's head is under the ribs and the feet pointing toward your pelvis.
This is when the baby's head has entered the pelvis. It usually occurs at around week 36 for a first time pregnancy and later if you have already had a child.


  1. Good Luck guys, I am so, so excited for you!!

  2. I think you are SO right! Our surro KT was SO happy and always smiling and we have such a happy little Blaze. So happy for you guys, can't wait for the pics and the birth story!!!!!

    Love to all and SI folks (Jaya is such a sweetie, Gerry wanted to bring her home with us.)

  3. Wow it is upon you and must be soooo exciting...! Safe travels and good luck with everything!

  4. Guys,

    I know I might sound like a broken record but here goes my delivery spiel again:

    Are you giving yourselves enough time to be there for the birth? Soni singletons usually come week 36/37. Even if things are going well, the slightest hiccup and Dr Soni takes the baby. She does not consult with the IPs or the clinic involved before making her decision. This is common knowledge with the clinics and Hiranandani, why they don't inform clients accordingly is something I have yet to understand. Ask your clinic to give you the average week that singleton surrogacy babies are born so you have a statistical benchmark to go by, they should have this information for you.

    I hope you are there for the birth - it is a special moment you will never forget. You have waited long and patiently for this moment and now it is finally here. Good luck

  5. This post made me so happy.

    Thank you!

    I can't wait to meet Noddy and for your family to be complete. Your comment about having a baby that noone can take away from you really hits home for me. It will just be so amazing for you.

    And for us too, eventually. ;)

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments on my blog. Can't wait for our playdates in Sydney to start!