Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Baby Shower

Yesterday we had a great group of 35 family and friends celebrate an afternoon of 'Bombay Baby Madness', our baby shower. We had planned a garden party but the always unpredictable Blue Mountains weather had other ideas and we ended up indoors.

We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating with some close friends and family and we're sure everyone had a great time too. Not everyone we invited was able to make it but we know those of you that couldn't make it in person were there in spirit, sipping bubbles from afar! How great do our cupcakes look!

Johnny's younger sister as you know from earlier posts is a cake decorator extraordinaire! Beck did such a wonderful job and the cupcakes were yummy. Thank you to all the wonderful people who came and shared our day with us. I had very, very grand plans and some of them had to go out the window at the last minute. We did want to arrange somebody to come to the shower to apply henna to our hands but at more than $300 that idea was given the flick. We did purchase some henna cones ourselves and made stencils and were ready but ran out of time on the day. I did though have time the day prior to try my hand at some mehndi on our two nieces Emerson and Makayla.

We had a yummy Indian themed lunch consisting of saffron rice, chicken tikka, dhal and eggplant curry, vegetable samosa and a selection of naan and pappadums.

The day could not have been the smashing success that it was without the help of our wonderful family. Our parents who have been helping us over the past months leading up to this day, helping us with purchases, organising and decorating the house and Noddy's room. To our sisters who helped out immensely on the day both in and out of the kitchen enabling us to mingle and enjoy the company of our friends, thank you! We have a wonderful family and to have you share this day with us was a dream come true for the two of us and one we will remember fondly when Noddy is harassing us to borrow the car!

Noddy's room is almost complete. We're 99.97% there. We have one piece of furniture left to paint and Darren has offered to do this. We have managed to empty the wardrobe in his/her room and put our Christmas ornaments in storage boxes. Darren has framed some wonderfully cute pictures of Pooh Bear, Snuglepot and CuddlePie (Australian gumnut babies) and Big Bird to hang on the walls and finished painting a mirror we had in our old study which now finds a home in Noddy's room. When complete, we'll post a few photos here for you all to admire!

It's true that dreams really do come true and we are so very, very grateful to have reached for the stars and manged to find Noddy. I hope that those of you out there contemplating surrogacy take the plunge and reach for the stars too. You may get a pleasant surprise just as we have.


  1. Love the cupcakes! Hopefully, Noddy won't ever make that screaming baby face. ;)

  2. You boys are fantastic! Your day looks to have been a success, you already know how much we wished we could have been there. such a beautiful photo with the excited grandmothers!
    Will speak to you in the next couple of days.

    J & M & W xx
    (w = wombat, the official babys name)

  3. How fun! Looks like you had a blast! Congrats!

  4. Johnny and Darren, I got a little chill thinking about meeting you when Noddy was just getting his/her start, and now you're nearly ready for the arrival! Sounds like SI has gotten much better about sending frequent photos and contact with the surro; we only got one during our pregnancy. Can't wait to hear your good news in a few weeks!

  5. You guys look so very happy. You are both beaming. We are so happy for you both. What a beautiful shower!

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