Saturday, April 3, 2010

7 Day Countdown

This time next week we will be en-route to Sydney International Airport and exactly 38 weeks pregnant. Darren is cool, calm and very collected and I am too to a certain degree. My head is still spinning wildly like you wouldn't believe but maybe that's due to the washer being on spin cycle at the moment.

First of all, congratulations have to go out to Greg and Rob Blosser and their wonderfully, beautiful little girl Addison Claire. One of three babys born to SI IPs this week. We are so looking forward to meeting the three of them when we return to India next week.

Next week, 7 days! Gosh the time has come by quickly, thankfully we have a four day weekend at the moment to try and get things into some kind of order before we leave home. We're both working right up to the day prior to us leaving, so Monday will be spent packing our bags and making sure we have everything that we need and don't take the silly, fluffy stuff we do not. We chatted with our beautiful surrogate again this week and she is SO BIG! Dr Soni is very happy with Noddy's growth and weight gain that a planned c-section has been arranged on the day of our arrival into Mumbai or the following day which means that provided nature doesn't decide to introduce Noddy to the world any sooner, our darling will be born at either 38 weeks 1 day or 38 weeks 2 days. She seems very happy still albeit very tired and probably glad to be seeing the end of our pregnancy. We are amazed at the truly wonderful gift that she has made possible for us.

Drs Sudhir and Yash also said that it appears Noddy may be SI's biggest baby born to date......Not sure if this is a good or bad thing? Any opinions of this? Noddy is just over 3kg according to Dr Soni as of last Tuesday. We are planning to chat with our surrogate again tonight Saturday and will again next week before we leave for India.

Our last week as a childless couple. How will it be spent; date nights, romantic dinners? Probably not. Darren is working long, long hours in the last week before his time off work and we still have to prepare for the possibility of dropping everything and trying to find a flight to Mumbai.
Fetal size: crown-rump 35cm (14 inches), crown-toe: 47cm (18.5 inches). Fetal weight 3kg (6.5 pounds). The average size of a healthy full term baby in Australia is 3.5kg. There are many variations on this figure and the size of your baby is linked both parents birth weight and their adult height.


  1. More wonderful news!

    We will be waiting as patiently as possible for your pics and announcement too, please don't keep us in too much suspense like Rob and Greg...LOL!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip to Mumbai and enjoy your last week as a family of two.

  2. Wow! I can't believe it is almost time for your little one to make his/her grand entrance!

    So exciting! You guys are gonna make GREAT parents!

    Give our love to Dr Y and Dr S when you get there!!!!

  3. Holy Guacamole ... is it so soon? Oh boy, I remember when I met you - what - end of 2008? And you had to wait 6 months or so to travel ... and now here comes Noddy!!! I am still going for girl.

  4. OMG! That is just so exciting! I'm so happy for you both and can't wait to meet your gorgeous little Noddy.

    You're going to be daddies soon! Wow!

    Thinking of you all the time and sending lots of love,


  5. 38 weeks!! YAY!! I swear we are the same couple! all of those last minute preperations and worrying about not having everything you need. We had 6 suitcases for crying out loud! Thanks for the shout out!! We can't wait to meet you guys either. Addsion is looking forward to meeting her new cousin. See you in 7 days!! Can't wait.

    PS: Look at that Baby bump! I am thinking noddy is a boy!! However, these bumps can be misleading.

    PSS: Sorry Rhonda. Between rushing to the Hospital and feedings and paperwork and trying to get a room (The Hospital was full) We didn't think to blog until 6 hours later. :( There will be plenty of more post to come now!

    Safe travels. Let us know as soon as you land.

    Uncle Greg and Uncle Rob and cousin Addison

  6. How exciting!!!
    Have a safe trip guys!
    Keep us all updated!
    If you need anything here in Mumbai just let us know, we are already two weeks experianced :o)
    Kiss from Arnon, Dan, Liron and Itai

  7. I am so excited for you both, I can hardly stand it! I know there are 10,000 things to get done before you go, but try to sit down for a special dinner to celebrate and take this all in. You deserve it! Safe travels and best wishes!! xo