Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parenthood...The First 24 hours

We finally have our boy at the hotel with us. Our first 24 hours as parents has been more than we could have ever dreamed of. The love that we have for our son is overwhelming and all consuming. He is our angel and we are so blessed. We were lucky enough that Dr Sanjeev Ahuja (Noah's pediatrician at L H Hiranandani Hospital) agreed to discharge him last night instead of tonight. The sisters in NICU basically said to us that since he had such a good birth weight and was eating and pooping well, there was nothing they were doing that we could not do in our hotel. Yesterday afternoon we met with Dr Anita Soni (the OBGYN) who delivers for all the surrogates at LHH and had her sign some paperwork required for Noddy's citizenship and we chatted about our surrogate and of course baby Noah.

We feel it needs to be said that Dr Soni is fabulous. She really does an excellent job in caring for the surrogates under her care and every Tuesday that our clinics surrogates visit her, Dr Yash has results back from her & is onto any issue or problem..stat. Like the medico lingo? She is so approachable & down to earth and takes no crap from nobody. Thank you Dr Soni.

We finished the discharge process in around an hour and a half and Dr Sudhir and Dr Yash met us for the final stages to expedite Noah and us leaving the hospital. We then travelled to Juhu Beach and met Greg, Rob and their beautiful little girl Addison and had dinner at their hotel. Rob's mum is over the from the US and together with the docs, the nine of us had a delicious Italian dinner and Noah and Addison their first date. Now I now there's a certain young man in Arizona that seems to think he has already been betrothed to Miss Blosser but you know these young Aussie boys!

Anyway, we had a wonderful night and it was great to finally meet the guys we had been chatting with online for so long now. Thanks to Drs Sudhir and Yash for their wonderful hospitality and time spent with us all. We ended up back at our hotel quite late as the drive from Juhu to Powai is not that close, especially on a Saturday night. Our first night was....I'm not sure. We had no expectations on how it would be, so lets just say we woke up tired. Noah was a little restless and I think we managed a total of around three to four hours max. When we had finished Noah's early morning feed around 6am and had him settled, the three of us went back to bed and slept for three hours until just after 9. We fed little Noddy again and the had some time by the pool for a little morning sun as he was a wee bit jaundiced. Today our son has been nothing other than perfect. He has been taking around 45-50ml of formula every three hours without issue and burping well and then sleeping another three hours until his next feed. Our decision not to warm his feeds, rather give them to him at room temperature seems to be a non issue which is great. He is feeding fantastically.

We met another Australian couple staying at our hotel today too and their little boy who is simply beautiful. We chatted about their time in India and the are expecting to leave this week, maybe Wednesday. They have been here for around two weeks and have had two public holidays during that time so hopefully the quick turnaround continues for our family too!

Tomorrow morning we will head into Hiranandani Gardens to the ICICI bank to arrange the bank demand draft for Noah's citizenship application and in the afternoon we head to South Mumbai to meet Dr Jayant Rele who will perform the DNA test required again for citizenship. We are expecting our birth certificate copies this week and we shall then courier these documents to New Delhi...One step closer to returning home!


  1. Hi guys!! It was Great to meet you too!! All this time online and being each others support has paid off. Noah is such a little angel. We can't wait to see you all again. Sounds like you had a good first night. The sleep does get better once you have your system down. I can't believe Addy is already having boys fight over her! I will be the dad with a baseball bat come age 16. LOL.

    You guys rock as dads! Congrats again to you both. What a perfect family!!

  2. Oh Bless!
    What a fabulous 24 hours for you all.
    Also how cute that the kiddles had their "first date" lol. I am sure Noah used all his best manners for young Addison. As any young man would. :)

    much love to you all.

  3. Such great news and photos! And you're so organised, you're inspiring me and I'm taking notes!
    You guys sound like you're taking to this mad caper like ducks to water! Congratulations!
    caylow (kt)

  4. Noah is so gorgeous and you look so happy! I'm thrilled that everything's worked out for you.

    Woohoo! Keep the posts (and especially the pics) coming.


  5. Hi! Our baby is supposed to be born with Rotunda'Hiranandani between 7th june and 21st june. We want to stay in the Juhu area instead of next to the hospital. Do you recommend this or in hindsight would you have stayed next to the hospital, in the Ramada or similar?

  6. Oh guys he is beautiful. As beautiful as the pic sent at dinner by the Docs.

    Now what did I tell you Blaze said. 'Back off little fella Addison is spoken for!' But, since he is so darn cute we will let them have their little India fling. LOL.
    Truly guys we are so happy for you both. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  7. I am so thrilled for you guys! Congrats on a beautiful baby. Good luck and best wishes for a smooth return home :)

  8. Noah looks like a cool dude. You need to bring him out to Hawaii during the Australian winters so he keeps that nice tan. :-) Go get some sleep!

  9. Welcome to the World Beautiful Boy. m.