Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 29 Update & Noddy's Stats

29 weeks! Both Darren and I are now starting to feel like we're on a train headed down hill and the driver is not using the brakes!

It's funny that even now I have small milestones in my head that when reached, I exhale and let out a small sigh of relief. Next week will be another of those milestones...30 weeks.

Noddy is doing so well and appears very content with his/her current uterine residence that we hope it stays that way for many weeks still. Last night we received the results from our surrogate's latest ultrasound and tests. She must be starting to feel sick and tired of all these darn tests, but all that we hear from Dr Sudhir is that she is always smiling and happy. What a wonderful person she is and again we are so blessed to have her helping us complete our dream of becoming parents. Our home computer has been out of action for around a week since we had a major thunder storm resulting in our modem being fried. As of late last night however, after spending a lengthy amount of time on the phone for internet support, we're back online!

We did miss the opportunity to SKYPE with our surrogate the night before last which was disappointing, Dr Sudhir said that she was so looking forward to seeing us again and chatting. Now that we are back in the land of the internet enabled, SKYPE has been booked in for next week when next she returns to SI's clinic. We were happy though to have some results on Noddy's development to this date:

BPD - 7.79cm compatible with 31w2d (head measurement side to side)
HC - 27.95cm compatible with 30w4d (head circumference)
FL - 5.36cm compatible with 28w3d (femur length, thigh bone)
AC - 24.30cm compatible with 28w44 (abdominal circumference)
EST Fetal Weight - 1293gms

EDD - 11 April 2010

Now the due date above is sooner than we had thought. The due date from conception was around 24-26 April and then our date was brought forward a month or so ago to 18 April 2010 and now 11 April 2010. Lets hope that Noddy sticks around for as close to the 40 week mark as possible. Darren and I have booked our airfares yesterday with Qantas via Singapore and we arrive into Mumbai on the morning of the 11th April. We were booked to spend all our time at the VITS but have changed this to the Renaissance Hotel at Powai as I managed to secure an amazing rate as a travel agent that could not be beat.


Fetal size: crown-rump 26cm (10.4 inches), crown-toe 38cm (16.7 inches). Fetal weight 1.25kg (2.7 pounds). Over the last five weeks your baby has doubled it's weight. Your baby grows so quickly that even a few weeks growth will have a big effect on your baby's size. A baby born between 37 and 42 weeks is considered term and full mature at birth. A baby born prior to 37 weeks is considered to be premature and requires specialist medical attention. Today, rapid medical intervention has enabled babies born as early as 25 weeks to survive, although they face many possible complications and weeks in hospital. The further a pregnancy develops the higher the chances of a better outcome for mother and baby.


  1. YAY!!!!!! It's only a matter of time now. We can't wait to finally meet you in India. We will have to have plenty of dinners together. Congrats on the milestone. Sorry to hear about the internet. Our computer has its fair share of problems too. Rob and I have no idea what is going on with it sometimes. Keep us updated on everything.

    PS: Where are the pics of Noddys room?? :)

  2. Great update! Happy to hear things are progressing and you guys are getting more and more excited. From what we've learned while being here the past nine days, the VITS is NOT the best place to be once the baby is delivered. Reason being, you're in the heart of the city and it's too dusty to take the baby outside, which he or she will need. Other IPs had a hard time with this while we were in town and were able to get them to open the roof top, but that's not ideal. I think you'll be much more pleased with your new hotel selection. Thinking of you! xo

  3. big smile for you guys...this is so exciting!

  4. Sorry guys, but I'm going to start taking bets now that Noddy arrives before you do!!! Bubs is a good weight already. You'll enjoy staying around Lake Powai as it's green and you can go outside and it's only 10mins in an auto rickshaw to get into Hiranandani for some shopping and/or KFC.

  5. ps - my word verification was "menaliss". Does this mean it's a boy?!?!?