Thursday, February 11, 2010

3D Ultrasound & 30 Week Update

30 weeks....sigh....

We have had a reprieve this week from working on the nursery, most of the planned work as we now know is almost done and there are only minor cosmetic touches left for us to do. We had the wonderful opportunity last night to again chat with our surrogate and Jaya from Surrogacy India. As always she had the most wonderfully smiling face. Always laughing and happy to chat with us and also our parents last night. Both Johnny's parents and Darren's mother had their chance to say Namaste and thank her for the wonderful thing she is doing for us.

We are so eager to return to India to see her and the docs at SI and I know she is keen for us to come back too. Not a day goes by when we are not thinking of her and her family. Praying for their continued good health and happiness. We really do live in a wonderful time to be able to say we are going to be dads with the help of two beautiful woman half way across the world...

Last night we also received some scans from our long awaited 3D ultrasound from two weeks ago on the 29th January.

Wow, amazing, beautiful, tiny & perfect! Words can not begin to express the wonder we both felt at seeing little Noddy's tiny features before he/she will join us. Our hearts are so warm and full of love for our tiny baby that I can not fully express how we feel at seeing these ultrasound images. Just thinking of them and seeing our child gives us goosebumps.


Fetal size: crown-rump 27cm, crown-toe 39cm. Fetal weight 1.4kg (3 pounds). Your baby has increased in size and wont be able to somersault for much longer. Your medical practitioner will be able to ascertain your baby's position by performing an abdominal examination. Your baby keeps gaining weight and maturing. Your baby's brain has grown and the brain cells and nerves are now active. This means that your baby can now engage in more complex learning and movement. From now on there will be less and less room for your baby to move. While your baby has been moving around over the past few months he/she has been building muscle tone and learning how to orientate himself/herself in the uterus. Over the next four weeks your baby will probably lie with his/her head facing upwards, but sometimes a baby will turn upside down and 'engage' or get ready for birth earlier than usual. Your baby starts to gain weight and starts to round out as fat continues to appear beneath the skin. This fat smooths out the wrinkles in the skin. Your baby also begins to control his/her own body temperature. The hair that covered the skin now reduces while the hair on the scalp lengthens. The head and body are now fully in proportion - just like a newborn.


  1. So close now. The first 3d pic shows off your babys acrobatic skills!

  2. Wow, I just saw your pictures. They look amazing! I can't believe how fast the time has gone and am really looking forward to seeing a picture of the finished nursery soon!

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Those photos are amazing! Your little one is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! And your surro's belly is gorgeous.



  4. WOW guys! I got chills...unbelievable. So happy for you both.

  5. THAT IS SOOOOOOOO COOL! We can't wait to see the 'outside' pics in a few months!!!!!

  6. Well finally the day we have all be waiting for has arrived, he is just beautiful guys, have a look at all that hair, great feeling knowing that you have helped make something as special as that hey! He is a very lucky little man to have two fantastic dads in his life - he no doubt will be spoiled rotten, as he should be, Peta, Georgie and Maddie said he is just beautiful, the girls have been asking me if their new cousin has arrived yet - they couldnt wait either!
    Congratulations again to the both of you and enjoy the next chapter in your journey through life - im sure it will be great.

    love scott