Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whats In a Name?

We are one week away from the 'official' start to the final trimester in our pregnancy. Wow, the time has really flown. On reflection to this point, I laugh at the thought of all the little things that worried me and kept me online day in and day out. And, there were plenty of little things!

This weekend we caught up with the Aussie couple we met in Mumbai when we were there in July. We have made fantastic life long friends and it was so good to see them both again and share some laughs, great food and their wonderful company. I have attached a photo of the Noddy learning blocks that we received from them, amongst many other wonderful pressies they gave us!
When it came to choosing a name for Noddy, both Darren and Johnny wanted a classic name. Nothing too tricky or with weird spelling. You know the kind of name I mean right? What's benefit to your child is spelling their name other than the norm;


Maybe it's just us and we are the weirdos? We always had our boys name chosen from the get go but when it came to selecting a girls name we were undecided. Of course everyone and their dog wants to give you their opinion on your chosen name and then offer suggestions as to what they would do. Then there's name association. You know what I mean here too; one partner really likes the name Ralph lets say, but Ralph was a crazy man who stole your underwear from the clothes line when you were in high school so, Ralph's a no go when it comes to naming your unborn child...and the list of 'no go' names goes on and on and on. On that note, I give unto thee our chosen names for Noddy, be she a boy or girl:

Noah Robert

Arabella Rose

What do you think? Of course if you don't like them, chances are they are not being changed but we would love to know what you think.


Fetal size 24cm (9.6 inches). Fetal weight 1kg (just over 2 pounds). The head to toe length of your baby can now be approximated (until now, the measurements have been approximations of the crown-rump measurements). This week the crown-toe measurement is approximately 34cm (15.3 inches). At about this time the retina develops. The retina is located at the back of the eye and receives light and light images and information, and transmits it to the brain where it is interpreted. The lungs continue to develop, and this week the special moistening agent surfactant production begins. Surfactant stops the walls of the lungs sticking together when we exhale. Along with the production of surfactant, the network of blood vessels servicing the lungs increases.


  1. Love them! Noah was on my list, and Arabella is just so unusual, but so pretty.

  2. So excited for you guys! Getting very close!

  3. They are both beautiful names. I wonder which one you'll use? hehe.

    You must be so happy! I can't wait to meet your little angel xxx

  4. Lol, we're having the same issues with finding names. Great names.
    What is your guess on gender? Someone told me that if you don't know the name for one of the genders, that what it will be... however, I really don't believe that since we're having boys. We'll see soon enough. Enjoy the last trimester!

  5. Both gorgeous names!
    They're both beautiful and I think both have been on our long list at some stage.
    We totally agree with all of those 'naming issues'! We think the boys names are hardest though, have had the girl's name sorted for months! (therefore Murphy's Law would state that we're having a boy...ha ha)


  6. We had a hard time coming up with names. I was a teacher so each name suggestion brought up the faces of past students. My partner is Irish so we went with Irish names. We struggled the most with my daughter's name.

    Nice choices!