Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time to Switch to Decaf

This one was so weird that I just had to share it with you. It has been a while since I have dreamt of Noddy or what life will be like once he/she joins us but last night was different. A dream unlike the others I have had and here's the weird part.

I (Johnny) was in our lounge room and people were arriving for our baby shower. In this dream Noddy was already with us and as people were arriving I decided that it was time for a bath. I went into the bathroom and filled the baby bath and then proceeded to place Noddy in. Noddy was VERY tiny, about the size of my mobile phone and this was totally normal. After placing little Noddy in the bath I left the room, proceeded back to the party and sat down!

What on earth was going on in my mind. I sat in the loungeroom sipping champagne and chatting with our friends when I realsised I had left Noddy in the bath. I ran back to check on things and he/she was under the water. Now, this is where the dream gets really weird. I picked Noddy up and checked for breathing which was OK. I covered him/her in a towel and then noticed that Noddy was in fact.....a kitten. Hmmm.

I went to the lounge room and people were cooing and complimenting us on our 'baby' and then somebody said to me; I thought you were having a real baby?

I replied that I thought we were too but a kitten is OK.
Definitely time to switch to decaf!


    i have dreams like that all the time
    better my dreams be surreal than my living life lol
    actually sometimes they do cross over lol

  2. That's an anxiety dream, for sure. Not long to go now, boys! wonder you're having weird dreams


  3. What a cute kitty! Of course, not as adorable as your "real baby" will be. Only a couple of months to go!

  4. Oh dear, the crazy dreams of parents-to-be. I regularly dream about other people's babes being born. A pair of twins came out the other night in a dream and they were the size of 3 month olds.

    We hear you!

  5. OMG that was a funny dream. I hope it`s perfectly normal to have these dreams. I do to all the time...

    Congratulations, just a few more months and Noddy will be in you arms, not the kitten :-)

  6. Lol. I am having the same weird dreams, just part of your mind which prepares you for the new situation.. and uhm, a kitty is nice too, but nothing beats the real thing

  7. hahahaha! that dream truly summarizes all the anxieties of a parent-to-be!!! You're going to be great dads!

  8. That gave me such a laugh! And that kitten is so cute!
    I think crazy dreams are better than nightmares!