Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weeks 24 & 25 Updates

We can almost see the finish line...almost. This week our surrogate will be 25 weeks pregnant and we soon will be counting down from DOUBLE DIGITS!

I remember earlier in the year when we were counting down from 99 days to our arrival into Mumbai for the first time and how excited we were and how fast the time passed by. We still have no movement on the nursery front. We have however purchased one box of newborn nappies and some cans of newborn formula. We will get started on the nursery by the end of January or the start of February.
There has been very little news from India over the past couple of weeks (no news in good news). Drs Sudhir and Yash have sent us two new photos at the start of this week with our surrogate's beautiful 25 week baby belly! Little Noddy is still growing strong and again we repeat how blessed we are that our pregnancy has been smooth and to be under the watchful eyes of such fantastic professionals at Surrogacy India. We are and always will be singing their praises and recommending them to anyone who listens! This week we also emailed Amit Kulkarni from Explore India; (mumbai@exploreindya.net), the travel agent recommended by SI to confirm our hotel when we return to India. We have decided on the VITS as their staff are well equipped to the needs of new parents and there are so many IPs who have been before us and some that will be there at the same time as us so, we look forward to meeting them! Amit's rates are very competitive and even better than what I was able to confirm as a travel agent. Also, Amit knows the people on the ground in India so can include many extras that we would otherwise miss out on or have to pay for.


Fetal size 21cm (8.4 inches). Fetal weight 530grams (1.2 pounds). This week your baby continues to gain weight. Development is occurring in the brain, growth and increase in size of the kidneys, lungs and gastrointestinal tract (gut).
Fetal size 22cm (8.8 inches). Fetal weight 680grams (1.5 pounds). Your baby continues to develop and mature. Its brain begins to form connections between the nerve cells and fibre ends. This process continues for a few weeks, while a basis is created for the relay of the sensory messages that signal consciousness in adults.


  1. wow! what a beautiful belly. Getting closer now boys! xxx

  2. Wow - that's baby in there! Guys, get that nursery done ...

  3. Isn't is wild that you are looking at booking a hotel for baby pick up??!!! Time has flown for sure. It never feels like we will get to this stage then bam...time to pick up baby!

  4. Awesome! Great news. The baby bump is so cool...looking forward to hearing more as you count down and deliver, etc. Happy New Year...

  5. Congrats guys things look like they are going great! Let us know what you think of the Vits. Hopefully i'll be making hotel decisions again in 8 months or so! Best wishes for a smooth count down from 99!

  6. What a wonderful picture! We are just about finished with doing the nursery (we stretched it over a long period of time), but enjoy it!

  7. What a truly amazing experience and she looks very pregnant and you closer to become parents. All the very best.