Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waiting for Noddy's Heartbeat

Isn't the anguish of waiting supposed to be over now that we are pregnant?


There is always something we are waiting to hear about or anxious to know, so the waiting and not knowing continues to haunt us. Johnny is repeating to himself that 'no news is good news' but it is very difficult being on a computer for work all day and trying not be distracted by everything baby.

Some of the happy news from intending parents who went to India in July/August has turned very sad; two couples we know of who had a positive pregnancy have recently miscarried and it's terribly, terribly sad. We can't begin to express to these wonderful people how we feel for them & it makes us even more grateful that we are still pregnant. Thank you Lord.

From our conversations with Drs Sudhir & Yash, our wonderful surrogate is feeling well and in good health. Dr Sudhir said the other day that when our SM next comes into their office he will take a couple of new photos for us. What a great guy!

We are expecting the latest ulstrasound results from Dr Sudhir either tomorrow night or Saturday night (we hope) confirming Noddy's heartbeat. 48 hours seems like such a long time!

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  1. It'll be there, beating away. If not, don't freak, as sometimes heartbeats don't show up until 8 weeks, it all depends on the position of Noddy and the lie of his little warm oven.