Monday, September 21, 2009

Sympathy Baby Brain & Delusions of Pram Grandeur

We must be suffering from sympathy baby brain or at least that's the angle we're playing at the moment. Johnny had thought we were coming into our nineth week of pregnancy from today (the 21st September) but we are in fact in our tenth week. Or at least I think so.

Dr Sudhir has confirmed that our surrogate will be having her double marker test this Friday the 25th and, typically this is done around the tenth week of gestation. We are both amazed that we are almost at the end of the first trimester. It has almost been three whole months since Noddy was created and we are amazed every day at the wonderful gift of life being offered to us by our surrogate and Drs Sudhir & Yash.

Both Johnny & Darren have been missing India, the Drs at Surrogacy India and the wonderful people we met there two months ago now. I wish we were closer so we could visit them again. Reading other IP's blogs about their first time arriving into Mumbai and travelling around the city is really making us both melancholy. Silly we know but this is how we're feeling. We also want to be back in Mumbai to see our surrogate again; just to see her and say over and over how much what she is doing for us means to all our family. We are all so blessed and amazed at her generosity and selflesness.

Yesterday was the last day of the Sydney Baby Expo and Johnny and his mum decided to go together. Unfortunately Darren had to work but since it was the last day and all we had to go. To date, most of our spare time is spent either online browsing every imaginable baby website and forum deciding on which pram is best, which nappies are best, debating the pros and cons of paccifers vs self soothing, which formula we should be using, bottles we should be using etc etc etc. It is never ending & there is so much information out there. We are now asking ourselves if this is necessarily a good thing? Hmmm?

Combine this with the mountain (and we mean mountain) of baby catalogues, books & magazines taking over our study we are on the way to knowing all there is about how to prepare for a newborn baby....We're sure this will all fly out the window when Noddy actually joins our family & we'll be just as dumbfounded, scared to death & amazed as any other new parent.

Back to the baby expo & in particular, prams. There are so may choices when it comes to prams and strollers out there we are still undecided as to which pram is best for us.

In a moment of baby brain disillusionment, Johnny had dreams of the Silver Cross Kensington or Balmoral baby carriage...see below picture for the jolt back to reality!

One exhibitor at the expo was Silver Cross & I was so excited to finally see their entire range in the flesh after months and months of brochure adoration. One thing on the above carriage is that it is HUGE! HUGE I TELL YOU......HUGE!

Now I should also tell you, dear reader that the above baby carriage weighs in at a hefty 37KG or 81.4LBS, is 125cm high, 59cm wide and 133cm long. It also does not collapse at all and am told first hand by the exhibitor that Silver Cross are yet to find a vehicle big enough to fit this thing into. But, for those of you out there willing to forgo practicality and more than a few thousand dollars, dream a little dream with me

For us however, it is a sudden jolt back to reality since all our savings will be spent on surrogacy. We now present you with our pram of choice below!


  1. hahaha. Too funny. I'd go for the Silver Cross pram over the wheelbarrow. Happy ten weeks, keep the good news coming.

  2. Your choice of Pram is priceless! I am still laughing. I keep following your blog and enjoy your updates. I feel the same way about some of the posts regading the visits to Mumbai and we are excited to return as well. The time flies by so quickly and suddenly you find yourself in the 10th week and the trend continues (at least the time has flown by for us).

    Love your blog, love your posts and enjoy your updates. We are cheering for you every step of the way.

  3. Happy ten weeks! That's what I like to see, boys...slow and steady wins the race. xxx

  4. i have fantasies about Bugaboo prams. They do cost nearly as much the Silver Cross, but they are practical... I'll just need to take that second loan out and i'm sure it will work out fine:)

    There use to be a time when i dreamt about George Clooney or Gabriel Burne or the Portuguese football team ( email me and i'll send you the pics of the football team - sigh...)

  5. Luv you guys to death!! Contact me for anything BABY....seriously, I am the worst shopaholic ever!!!! 11 strollers, 5 bouncy chairs, 3 high chairs, 4 playmats, 3 monitors, 3 bassinets, too many diaperbags to count (you really need to consider one of the designer ones...that is a must!!) Let me know if I can help!!!!

    Hugs and kisses from Ella and I!!