Friday, May 22, 2009

Blood Tests, Detox & Fertility Supplements

10 weeks and counting!

It has been a great couple of weeks and neither Darren nor I have been stressed or worrying about our upcoming trip. More to the point, it has been great and we've both been focusing on the days ahead and taking each new dawn in our stride.

This has been important for me especially as I was getting myself worked up, spending too much time on the net and over analysing this whole process. This was affecting me immensely and I was finding it difficult focusing on work and the day to day trivialities of life. Since our last post we have been 'offline' more than usual and taking a bit of a back seat when it comes to our surrogacy journey.

Another gay couple from Melbourne have just had their babies via a different Mumbai clinic to the one we are using and now have twin girls in their lives. They are so adorable & 60 minutes Australia will be doing a story on their journey going to air this Sunday the 24th May on channel 9.

This week we started on a male fertility supplement called ‘menevit’ which, combined with a caffeine and alcohol 90 day detox will hopefully give us a bit of a hand in ensuring a positive result first time round. We both pray this is the case and believe it will be.

This morning saw Johnny having a second round of blood work done screening him for infectious nasties and other requirements from our clinic. This is the second time since enrolling with SI and hopefully the last. I am not a fan of needles, such a wimp!

Darren has already finished all of his blood work and we have injections only leading up to July.

I'll be sending my passport to the Indian Embassy in the next 14 days to have our visas issued and then...full steam ahead for travel to Mumbai.

Daddy & Pappa are on their way Noddy!

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  1. I can sure relate to all that you're dealing with! We'll be in Mumbai in a few weeks with SI. It is very hard not to stress over all that possibly go wrong, and every bit of news I read of others' experiences lately is like riding a roller coaster -- either its good news and you're going up, or otherwise going down and it is terrifying news.

    Did you do your blood tests too early and this is why you're repeating? I know SI requires these within 3 months of your visit, so we were careful to wait. My doctor called some of them "esoteric" as they are very uncommonly tested for nowadays... those had to go out to specialty labs for analysis.