Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Day of Firsts

We woke this morning as we normally do. Rising just before 7am to Noah babbling to himself in his cot. Daddy didn't start work today until after 10am so we had breakfast together; Noah his morning bottle and weet bix and Daddy & Papa their coffee.

Papa was playing with NoNo on the lounge room floor and then the bite. Papa was letting Noah blow raspberries on his cheeks and suck his chin and nose and ouch! Teeth! Two teeth appeared overnight. The bottom middle two teeth on the bottom gum line. It was so exciting and I hurriedly ran to share this milestone with Daddy. Our boy has teeth! Now, I won't be able to take a photo just yet as they are teeny tiny on the gum line and trying to see them ourselves is a mammoth task so just imagine what it will be like trying to pry open your baby son's mouth long enough to capture that all important shot. For that photo update, watch this space.

We had another first today; Noah's first birthday party. I was so excited to open an email last week and find that at seven months and 24 days Noah had his first birthday invite. We both enjoyed the morning spent at Leo's 2nd birthday and we played party games and pass the parcel. One of Leo's mums made the most beautiful bib for NoNo that was his gift in pass the parcel. It is a little tight around his neck so when an extended is added, I'll blog the photo. It is truly wonderful! So we have had a wonderful Sunday and a great day of firsts. Of course every day with our little wonder has many firsts but these two I though deserved special mention.


  1. great news - your blog has been a great journey for us preparing to start it from the beginning!
    Look forward to reading more on your families growth!!

  2. Aww great to hear from you guys! Updates are thebest...teeth, wow!!