Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Celebration & Eight Month Update

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Let your heart be light... Don't you just love that song, I do! Recently, whilst googling this particular Christmas song, I learnt that the original lyric was actually 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, it may be your last. Next year we all may be living in the past'. I recently watched Meet me in St Louis for the first time this year while visiting my grandparents, a movie I had wanted to see for years now. Judy Garland made this song famous in a Hollywood classic, however the original version was considered too morbid and was later changed to the now popular song we all know and love. Our first Christmas with our darling son was everything that we could have imagined it to be and more. This time last year we were praying that our dear surrogate Sarika would be safe, healthy and happy and were blessed with the knowledge that in only four short months, our baby would be born and we would at last be parents. The reality of this dream is somewhat overwhelming and yes, we are still amazed at the gift God has given us. We of course started the Christmas season with decorating the house and our Christmas trees as we do each and every year since we met fourteen years ago. We have yet to venture outdoors with the exception of a garland here and there and bows on the garden lamp posts. This is most likely a blessing as it already takes us long enough to decorate the inside of the house so I can't begin to imagine how much longer outside would take too. Usually we start on the first Sunday in November but this year we were a month behind. I know that many people think this is too early, but we both just love this time of year and I am not the only one in my family to have chronic Christmas-itis. We were both so excited to have Noah's first santa photo taken and we ventured into one of Sydney's major department stores, David Jones to have this done.
The window displays are beautiful and the store is decorated and early in the morning leading up to Christmas there are carolers too. Noah just adored Santa, let's see if we can have a repeat next year and years following this as he grows and becomes more aware of this strange man in a red suit. The above photo was the first one taken by the photographer and NoNo was so happy that he almost pulled Santa's beard off. Being one of Santa's helpers as we all know, his beard wasn't real of course. Only Santa himself has such a long beard and he needs this so he stays nice and warm in the North Pole. Ninna, Daddy and Pappa enjoyed Christmas carols in the Blue Mountains this year. We spent the early evening singing underneath the largest English oak tree in Eastern Australia. We also met with other same sex families in the Blue Mountains for a Christmas dinner and catch up at a restaurant close to home.
We are the only male parents in a large group of mainly lesbian parented families. The Blue Mountains Rainbow Family Group is a division of Rainbow Families Australia and it is great to catch up with other families living nearby. We were lucky enough to have another visit from one of Santa's helpers during dinner too, aren't we a lucky bunch! This year, Daddy and Papa wrote Noah's letter to Santa for him since he is still a small baby. We excitedly woke on Christmas morning and followed our normal routine of morning bottle and some cereal before Noah went back to bed for a morning sleep. Ninna's partner, Poppy Michael came for Christmas breakfast as he does every year although for the first time ever we were very much behind schedule; understandably so with our little one demanding our attention! Still, we enjoyed a champagne breakfast and opened some presents before Noah went back to bed for his lunch time nap. I think the day was somewhat overwhelming for Noah, he was so excited and just loved the gifts that Santa, Ninna, Daddy & Papa gave him. WE definitely need to find out if Fisher Price is a publicly listed company and if so, get to buying some shares! Daddy and Papa decided that we wouldn't spoil our little boy (excessively) as he is still a baby and has everything that he needs in the world and has not yet been tainted by modern day consumerism! We did however still buy some toys; a FP talking/learning puppy, a tambourine, another FP walking trolley with blocks & Dr Seuss boxed set of books & some new clothes. We knew that family members would be very generous to the newest addition of our household, and they were. Ninna bought Noah a beautiful limited edition Disney Christmas tree that plays carols and the small characters spin around the tree, some books, new shoes and clothes and a keepsake Christmas ornament for the tree. Poppy Michael bought NoNo a beautiful Blinky Bill book. Grandma & Poppy went totally OTT and bought books, books and more books, toys a plenty; including many made by you know who, Wiggles DVDs, clothes, and a new beach towel. Aunty Becky & Uncle Stephen bought NoNo a FP 'Little People' train and an Elmo doll dressed as a chicken that does..the chicken dance. Noah is still not 100% certain of this one! Aunty Trella and Uncle Patrick bought Noah a wonderful alphabet floor rug that is in his bedroom, books, books and more books, a xylophone and hooded towel too. Have I mentioned that we love reading to our son? Noah enjoys story time too and it is wonderful spending time with him reading and watching the expressions on his face. I pray that the love of books and reading stay with him for life. Uncle Brett bought Noah a Christmas teddy bear and a FP musical bird bath that sings from one to ten and your ABCs too. Darren's niece Hollie and her partner Dan bought us the most beautiful Swarvoski crystal baby carriage and rocking horse for Noah's room. They are simply stunning and will be especially treasures as our son grows up. We also had fun opening presents from Aunty Tans and Uncle Trent; a Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurine, bath time toys and PJs. Aunty Ed gave NoNo a teddy bear too. Uncles Michael, Jarrad and cousin Reid sent us a beautiful tin plane that we just love, a book (The Night Before Christmas) and Nanna Lyn from Tasmania sent a small children's bible. Aunty Rhonda & Uncle Mark from Port Macquarie sent a beautiful set of outfits. Aunty Tanya & Uncle Chris from the Paris of the West (see earlier blog entries for clarification) sent a beautiful boxed set of Little Golden Books (the Christmas stories). One of Daddy's work colleagues sent an enormous Mickey Mouse toy which we added to the now mountainous collection of stuffed toys in Noah's bedroom (note to self, no more stuffed animals)! Neighbours Carol & Mark gave Noah an embroidered legionnaire hat with a penguin and his name. To say our son is loved and was spoilt would be the understatement of 2010. I a sure that I have missed gifts and the kind people who gave them to us. There is just strong>SO MANY GIFTS! It is amazing to witness the mass of toys and books one little boys has in such a short period of time. We are truly blessed beyond imagination and still wonder at the bountiful life we enjoy here in Australia. It does make me sad to think of those less fortunate, especially at this time of year Children who are not as lucky as Noah and will go without. We did have the obligatory 'tears before bedtime'. Noah was playing on the floor of the conservatory with a mountain of gifts around him and fell, hitting his chin on a box and cut himself. Not too badly, but bad enough for a bit of blood and plenty of tears. All was good again however with a big cuddle from Daddy & Papa. We enjoyed Christmas lunch at Johnny's parents house who live nearby. Aunty Becky & Uncle Stephen along with Aunty Mags and Uncle Charlie came to the Mountains for the day and enjoy our first Christmas with NoNo. We had a sumptuous feast prepared by Grandma, Papa & Aunty Becky including the yummiest turkey and stuffing, glazed ham, prawns and oysters, salads and desserts just to make sure we were well and truly full! The weather was simply perfect, we had such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze, lucky considering that it has been four seasons in one day these past weeks. For December, the weather has been all over the place; a blazing hot day and the A/C is turned on, Noah sleeping in a singlet and nappy and then, the next day it's freezing and the heaters are on again to keep us warm. No wonder NoNo has had summer sniffles and coughing off and on for days...again! After our beautiful Christmas Day lunch, Daddy, Papa, Noah and Ninna headed down the Mountain to Aunty Trella and Uncle Patrick's house for Christmas dinner. We enjoyed an equally delicious dinner albeit somewhat lighter than lunch with family; Atlantic salmon with asparagus spears, balsamic glazed cherry tomato and lemon butter sauce, roasted chicken, salads and a Christmas punch with punch! We had a lovely Christmas day with our son and returned home just before midnight. Noah was so tired and managed to sleep for a few hours before we returned home but still, the day was long and he sure did make up for lost sleep over the coming days. Apart from the excitement of Christmas day, other news of interest is that our son is now officially crawling! No longer content with the strange bottom shuffle or a backwards crawl, we now have forward thrusters activated! It was so exciting to see and we are now actively mobile. Noah is also holding his weight very comfortably on both legs and can support himself unaided by either Daddy or Papa when holding onto the furniture.

The other thing Noddy enjoys is jumping and I mean JUMPING. All the time, be it on the floor, bed, lounge or Papa's lap and I have the bruises on my legs to prove it people. Noah is so very active and loves to move. We are definitely going to have to enrol this boy in some kind of active sport. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and we have a quiet night planned with friends we often catch up with. Noah will be spending the night at Grandma and Poppy's house after months of pleading from Grandma, her wish is granted. We want to end 2010 by wishing everyone 'out there' the very best and pray for healthy pregnancies if you are pregnant, positive results if you're trying to conceive and blessings beyond compare for 2011.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful little cherub. He just looks so content (and so do you guys!)

    I'm so looking forward to finally meeting you all in 2011.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Just a gem to look at and a WONDERFUL post from you guys!! Have a wonderful New Year!!

  3. Sound like it's time for a Jolly Jumper!!! It's so lovely to see Noah upright and developing so well. And what a great xmas wrap up. He's going to have so much fun reading all of this when he's older.

  4. Happy Christmas to you little Noah, Johnny and Darren. Now your tree is what mine will look like next year!