Monday, July 27, 2009

The Final Countdown...

Three days remaining until our much anticipated journey to Mumbai to meet our wonderful docs at Surrogacy India, our SM and everyone else involved in our quest to become parents. I can't actually believe that our time has come; it is somewhat surreal and foreign to me to be feeling this way.

I'm amazed at the relative calm both Darren and I now feel that we're in the home stretch of this part of our journey. The past nine months have really flown by quickly (in retrospect) & we both now know how fast the next nine will pass!

I finish work today and the rest of my afternoon will be spent getting things in order for the time I'll be away from the office, Darren finishes tomorrow & we're both looking forward to 12 days together.

Tomorrow I'll be finishing the final stages of 'Operation Noddy'

Haircut - Check!
Packing - Check!
Currency - Check!
Passports & Travel Vouchers - Check!

Mini Meltdown??? I don't think so!

We'll be staying at the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower for our week in Mumbai and only because I managed to get an UNBELIEVABLE discounted rate of 5000 rupee per night for the two of us. Times like this I'm glad I'm still in the travel industry. Otherwise it was going to be Betty Budget for us...

I am so lucky to have Darren in my life and we are both so blessed to have been given the opportunity of living in a society that enables us to be parents.

Our lives together over the past 12 years have been utterly amazing & we both appreciate all of our blessings. We can’t begin to express how overwhelmed we are at starting the next chapter of our lives together….with our child. This stage of our lives will be unlike any of the preceding chapters & we’re ecstatic to see how the pages unfold.

We were both chatting the other night about our time so far to have reached this point & we both are amazed that this is really happening for us; amazed I suppose as like I've said earlier we never thought this was really a possibility for us. Darren ended up saying to me that he was thankful to me for making his dream of becoming a parent come true. I too am thankful, without him in my life I don't know if I would be here right now becoming a daddy too.



  1. Go team Aussie babies - GO!

  2. Aww, goosebumps for me too. lol...wishing you guys all the best!! (and doesnt it feel good when you have the perfect person to go thru this with!!) Your baby will be sooo lucky to have such wonderful parents as u guys!!

  3. There has been so much positive news recently from Mumbai, I have a feeling you guys are going to keep the trend going! I've got a really good feeling its going to work for you!

    Are you going to visit Leopold Cafe by the Taj? Brian and I ate lunch there. I didn't think the food was extremly good but it was a lot of fun to people watch.

    You are definitely handling this better than I did for my trips, I had mini meltdowns for both of them but in my defense I was also on a ton of IVF drugs :)

  4. Wishing a safe trip and a successful cycle ahead! Like Amber says, there is plenty of positive news for all to be sharing in, and I hope you get your share too!!!