Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time Again For Detox

Internet detox that is. It has been seven months to the day (5 May) since I last had my self imposed internet detox and another is long overdue!

I'm sure many of you will agree with me when I say this is the hardest thing we have gone through in our lives to date. Searching for a clinic to help us become parents, searching for a suitable egg donor and then a suitable surrogate. Then, surrogate numbers one and two are no longer available. Thank you surrogate number three! Our angel and wonder woman who is making our dreams come true.

Then to further add to the mayhem in my head, there's international air travel, hotels, visas, vaccinations, DNA tests, citizenship applications, passport applications, pregnancy updates including ultrasound results and films, blood, urine and other tests to boot! I believe that the stress I feel is compounded by the fact I am on a computer five days a week for around 50+ hours. Then there is the time online at home; I'm sending myself CRAZY!

I have to detox. I am making the most trivial, tiny news from India a MEGA MOUNTAIN from a tiny mole hill. There is no reason for me to doubt that our pregnancy is going normally and nothing is wrong. Noddy is perfectly safe and well as is our surrogate and they are both being taken cared for by the wonderful team at Surrogacy India.

So, here it is. No blogs, forums, emails, websites, parent chat rooms, you tube or anything baby related for seven days from today. It


  1. good idea. enjoy your break and i'll see you when u get back.

    thanks for all your well wishes over the past few weeks - it's meant a lot.


  2. You're a brave brave man ... 7 days?!! We'll miss you. Hurry back soon. xxx

  3. I agree! Wish I could go to the Betty Ford clinic haha.
    When you read this we'll read if you've made it to the seventh day. And yes, thumbs up for uneventful pregnancies!

  4. Noooo! You must blog! We all enjoy reading your updates. This process is very stressful and can be time consuming.It will all be worth it in about 4 months. We feel the same way you two do. We have decided to focus on getting prepared and leave the other details to the experts. We want the results and the updates of course. However, We too were going crazy! We need to get our trip planned. Where are you staying? What is your travel dates?