Friday, October 30, 2009

Irrational Thoughts Be Gone!

Why oh why do I even give credit to these irrational and crazy thoughts??? Nothing will go wrong and our pregnancy & it shall be one of the smooth, trouble free ones that you read about. 9 months of bliss for our surrogate and Noddy!

> Thank you to God for taking care of our surrogate and keeping her in the best of health.

> Thank you for keeping Noddy growing steadily and as he/she should be.

> Thank you for watching over Dr Yash, Dr Sudhir, Dr Soni and everyone else caring for our
surrogate and Noddy.

> Thank you for keep Darren, Johnny and our families in the best of health, ready and waiting
for the day Noddy will join all of us .

> Thank you for the opportunity to be daddies and share our lives with our amazing child.


  1. Oh, don't beat your self up with these thoughts. They come to us at any given moment and scare the hell out of us. You have all of us praying for your safe travel and delivery. No worries. You are on the right track giving thanks, its very nice to see that and really good ones too!!!

    All the best hun! tell those thoughts to go away!

  2. You are okay. Breathe!!!!

    You are having the "dark thoughts" that we all have.

    For those of us who have lost bubs, there was always an indication it might happen, whether we blogged it or not. Please, never feel guilty that you have had a "smooth" ride thus far. We all have differing levels of challenge and pain. Your ride as a married gay couple, that Australian laws will not recognise, has not been smooth. You have suffered enough, it is now your time!

    You sound like parents to be: scared. worried and entering the biggest change of your lives. Just like the rest of us.

    Noddy is fine.


  3. It's totally natural to be worried...I'd think there was something wrong if you didn't have these thoughts!

    But rest assured, everything will be fine and noddy is as excited to meet you as you are her/him.


  4. It's natural! Even though you know it's irrational, India is far far away so keep the faith and trust! We too worry a lot and look for things to distract us.
    Thumbs up for uneventful pregnancies!

  5. We all have these thoughts. We just need to keep on a truckin. It is so hard being so far away. Your Surrogate is in great hands with the doctors. Everything will be fine. You just have to talk yourself out of those thoughts. It will work out. We will be seeing you and the wee one in 5 months!! So get ready. Let us know if you want to talk :)