Friday, August 28, 2009

The Waiting Game

By all accounts we are just under six weeks pregnant & any news from the doctors at SI is like a drug, our fix if you will. This makes the waiting game for our next piece of news easier to cope with.

Waiting for news from India on how our surrogate is feeling and our pregnancy progressing is starting to send Johnny more than Darren crazy. It's when we're waiting for news that the irrational thoughts enter your head. Those undergoing surrogacy in India and other parts of the world will know exactly what we mean here;

"I haven't heard today beacuase.....(insert your own disater or bad news)"

Of course we know that both Drs Sudhir & Yash are very busy and run off their feet. Working with couples from around the world offering a service unlike any other we have heard of. Very personalised with great care shown to intending parents. Our time in Mumbai with then was testament to this work ethic. There has been such good news of late coming from India; the birth of three baby boys to couples in the USA and Australia and positive pregnancies from August cyclers. April and May 2010 will be a very exciting time for those of us returning to India to complete our family.

We should have that all important next update if not today tomorrow we hope. Our first ultrasound result & are waiting with baited breath.


  1. This is a good time to practice a hobby, take a class, or get involved in something that takes you away from your computer. Sad fact of the surrogacy game is that no one has time to tell you the juicy details you are longing to hear about your surro's pregnancy. Expect to see reports about a week after your surro has her medical appointments -- these will be bloodwork reports and, once in a while, ultrasounds. Only 1 of our ultrasounds every looked like a baby; the rest were blogs and blotches. This "no news is good news" phase will last you until you get to see Noddy for yourself, unfortunately

  2. Yep, that's the waiting game alright.. no fun at all! and even difficult at times.
    Do things that take your mind of thinking of the expected. Good luck guys!

  3. Keep your hopes up and read the subtitle of your blog often! You are on your way Good luck.
    Doug and Bill

  4. Just enjoy it. Its stressful for sure, but this is where you want to be! Unfortunately we should be at the same stage as you but god had different plans for us. Keep the updates coming as you can.

  5. Yes no news here either. Nothing heard from India. This is stressing me out..I hope everything is OK !!

  6. hang in there boys! you can do it. No news is good news xxx